Scouting VGL-3 "Making unfun of you v2" (3xcATM9, cLTAG, cLAP, 4xJJ, cXL325)

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Thread in 'VGL-3' started by CarloArmato, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. CarloArmato

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    Reverse engineered version of a lame build I had to face. Use your superior speed and mobility to keep your target at bay and wash them with your huge poptart alpha.
    Adjust speed / DHS / ammo as you please
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  2. ShooterMcGavin80

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    Yeah, this build is infuriating. Not just for scouting though, also nasty on quickplay. So long as there is not much AMS or ECM in the environment, you can rack up the damage and kills with ease. I went for less speed, but moar jump jets. Getting that extra verticality and max jump juice is key for being able to drop your ATM's in many situations:

    Skill tree:

    Mandatory items IMHO are the max range nodes (increases the sweet 3 point damage envelope), + missile crit nodes, missile rack, plus the target decay nodes on the sensor tree. After that other nodes are optional. Double UAV with max range makes getting locks easier, and since you're going to be jumping about getting double strikes is also useful.

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