Using MechSpecs


How do I use the rating system?

Each thread has a 1 to 5 star rating system on the top of the site.
Click the rating you wish to give, and eventually provide an argument for your rating in the comment box, to show why you like or especially why you dislike a build.

Community-driven ratings are currently our only way of filtering the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's not a perfect system, but in combination with the prefixes it provides a way to assess the power level of a mech build in the vast sea of different builds showcased on the site. By rating builds - especially ones that don't have a rating yet - you contribute greatly to the site by making builds easier to browse.

NOTE: Smurfy links are not immediately recognized when used in the rating system. Click 'Edit Post', save without changes and refresh the page to fix it.

How do I post an image on MechSpecs?

There are multiple ways to include an image on MechSpecs.
It is recommended to do this through an online image sharing platform.

1. Upload your image at a sharing platform (Imgur, Discord, etc.)
2. Copy the direct link.
Make sure that the link ends in ".png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp" or any other image file extension.​
3. Click the image icon in the text editor.
4. Paste your link.
5. Done.

Screenshots posted on Discord can also be shared this way.

If you want to upload directly to MechSpecs, that's possible too, though the file size is limited to save server space!

NOTE: Imgur's Gallery function is NOT supported by MechSpecs. Use the 'Direct Link' as described in Step 2.

How do I get people to comment/rate on my posts?

The easiest way is to take initiative and comment on a recent build yourself, preferably similar to yours. You can find recently active builds for example by looking at the 'New Posts' on the top of the page. Make sure that your comment contains more than 'nice build, check out mine', if you want to get a helpful response.

Another way is to actively engage in our small community in the General section and make yourself known!

What do I do if I see a wrong post?

Please make sure to report all posts that do not adhere to the code of conduct (in your opinion), so that the moderators can deal with it swiftly.

If you see a wrong title or smurfy summary, you can report these posts or notify the thread starter of the FAQ!

You can use the following code to refer someone directly to the FAQ:
where '#' without apostrophes is the number of the question you want to refer to. The number can be found in the URL.

For example: the number of this question, which has the URL
, would be referred to as
The correct code (with number) is also described on the right of each individual question.

Where can I find your Discord?

The link to our discord can be found on the main page when you're logged in to your account!
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