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What are the Code of Conduct on MechSpecs?

Welcome to the MechSpecs forums
, an MWO discussion forum, targeted towards topics regarding high-end mech customization, mix/maxing and analysis of game mechanics.

First, a point of clarification. We work on a Three Strikes System. Your third strike will be your last.

The people that participate here at MechSpecs are some of the best pilots out there. We have high standards for the discussion that occurs herein, and are quite unapologetic about it. If you feel our rules are stupid or arbitrary, we don't really care. If you don't wish to follow them, you are welcome to return to the official Mechwarrior Online forums and participate in the chaos over there.

The following is our Code of Conduct. You are expected to adhere to these protocols as they are put in place to make this community run smoother than some of the other MWO boards out there.

Please keep in mind that our goal is to promote good old fashioned clean(ish) fun, as well as informed discussion, or even debate, on all things related to MechWarrior Online; however we wish to do this in an environment free of toxicity and bullshit.


While this Code of Conduct is a guideline to help our moderation staff deal with problematic issues, it is by no means final; each case will be weighed by the Moderation Team and dealt with according to the actual severity of the incident. While we generally utilize a Three Strikes Rule, if you break these rules to a degree, that warrants immediate banning, trust that you will receive it.

What is MechSpecs?

MechSpecs is a community platform based around the free sharing of builds in MechWarrior Online.

MechSpecs differs from other MWO build sites in that it aims to be a completely community-run platform, making anyone able to share and comment on builds they enjoy playing, while other sites will generally only list builds that are 'meta'. Since piloting a good mech vastly improves your chances to win, see this as a knowledge base for people who are looking for builds that are not only efficient, but also fun and/or original!

What is a 'Benefactor' or 'Star Lord'?

Benefactors and Star Lords are people who supported the site by way of a donation.

This is a 100% non-profit community-run site, so all donations will be used to keep the site going for you as long as possible! We highly appreciate the support given to us, so in return we provide our supporters with Premium Content not available to regular registered members, which is handy for frequent visitors.
This includes things like the removal of all google ads, premium sale and build guides, a personal Bookmarking tool to help you keep builds readily available for reading and tracking and widespread discussion in the Benefactors' Areas of the site and the discord.

For more information, check out the 'Donate' tab!

How can I get rid of the Google Ads on MechSpecs?

Upgrade your membership!

It takes money to keep the site running, and advertisements are our main source of income to keep doing this. You could help us out by clicking the ads if they interest you, as each click is worth more than just being displayed. Alternatively, if you can spare a donation for us, you will get the benefits of becoming a Benefactor, which includes removal of Ads.

For more information, check out the 'Donate' tab!

How do I delete my account?

In the current day and age it's all the more important to keep track of your online footprint.

We're sad to see you go, but of course you can have your account deleted. Send a message to @Excalibaard or one of our moderators, and they'll handle the removal of your account.

When your account is removed, you can't post anymore. If you do want to keep participating on the forum, you can also opt to hide or obfuscate your personal data, and/or limit messages or mails that you can receive. You can alter these settings from your profile page.

How do I change my name?

You can't.

It's not possible in our forum software to grant users permission to alter their username. If you want to have your name changed, contact @Excalibaard or staff, and we'll sort it out for you :)
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