WVR-6R "Mini Dragon" (2x AC5, 1x MLas, 1x JJ, XL300)

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Thread in 'WVR-6R' started by Remarius, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    Focused build with Radar, AC5 Cooldown/Range Modules and Medium Laser Cooldown or range.

    Based around the AC5 +40% cooldown bonus. Not run out of ammo yet so 8.5 tons seems fine with the 10% slower cooldown bonus compared to the Dragon. The single JJ is for turning etc. Originally built with a 255XL engine and 4 JJ but they gave almost no "push" and the lack of speed/turning circle was awful so rebuilt with a 300XL and one.

    Arm is low but not as low as a Dragon. Peek and fire with the right or shield with left.

    First match:


    We were losing really badly to a trio of Direwolves that caught us cold and totally turned it around in a desperate fight.

    Second battle:


    We ran rampant.....

    Third battle:


    Nothing special as kept losing sight of them once I mauled them.... and someone else then finished them off.... doh. I outdid the Dragon 1N though. ;)

    Cowardly DWF, WHK, TBR and CN9 hung back at the end and didn't engage when I hit the back of their last 4 solo.... then took the 3 mechs I almost killed. ;)
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  2. Bustov

    Bustov Active Member

    Saw this build in action, it is just as impressive as a Dragon 1N.
  3. Spheroid

    Spheroid Well-Known Member

    This build should be good but I couldn't get anything spectacular from it. What was your average engagement range?

    I am only getting 400-500 damage before dying.
  4. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    First thing I did on my Wolvi right after quirks hit. Although those AC5 quirks are massive, I keep on thinking it plays a lot different than the Dragon. The ACs seem to be a lot slower than over there, at least that's my gut feeling when playing it.
  5. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    I agree its a very different feel than the Dragon and you have to get used to the fact that you just won't do as much raw burst style damage - its supposed to be just a 10% difference but feels worse. That said its much better heat wise in battle and I ended up swapping the medium laser cooldown for range to use them at the same time essentially non stop up to 300m.I really miss the the Dragon's ERLL support as that's of use at ranges I don't bother to even try with the AC5. Usual engagement range with the Dragon is further on one hand as I poke away with that laser .... but don't use the AC5's till a lot closer as ammo is so valuable. The Wolverine I engage at anything up to optimal so the AC's come into play earlier. I'm also more willing to take snap shots.

    Its much more maneuverable needless to say but I'm still 100% getting used to how wide the arm feels and its height. WVR is a lot stronger against fast moving targets due to its turning speed but weaker against Direwolves due to not having all the DRG's armour quirks.

    If I had to choose between the two I'd go Dragon for the burst damage and greater armour with quirks but I'm more than happy with the Wolverine as its got a whole set of advantages like speed to avoid artillery (main cause of losing the dragon's arm for me) and ability to easily flank. Just have to get used to playing more of a fire and relocate tactic than the Dragon's wade in and fire non stop.
  6. Motörhead

    Motörhead Benefactor


    This is if you find yourself running out of ammo too often. I put a bit more armor too in this version to add some more durability, but you can go for 300 ammo too. But I think @Remarius version is the one to run on standard basis, because if you pick this over the dragon you want speed and mobility.

    10% difference might feel not much on dakka, but it is, given you almost always fire in the best matches and that adds up quickly, so you have to compensate.

    3 good things about this :

    1) you don't que with heavy mechs, so you find matches much faster, it's so saturated right now.
    2) JJs and speed make it a lot easier in solo drops.
    3) In a big group, you bring more or less the same dakka DPS, saving space for an heavy (which will still be a Dragon, or a TDR, on the IS side most lickely :p).

    PS: noticed just now I've been running with 32 armor on the dakka arms up to elite lol :oops:
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  7. Motörhead

    Motörhead Benefactor

    Best use of the quirks, fast and mobile enough to have a reason to exist even with its bigger version in the dragon.
  8. PyckenZot

    PyckenZot Benefactor

    While the 6K (2 LPL, 3ML) is still my prefered WVR. This one runs close second. The only negative point I can think of is that with chain and grouped AC/5s mapped to left and right mouse button, I often still forget that medium laser.

    Do not underestimate this build. Many are the pilots that have too late noticed the hail of 5 point damage coming from this monster.
  9. MightyBolamite

    MightyBolamite Junior Member

    Has not let me down. Love to run this mech.