WVR-6R "Adamantium Storm" (2x AC5, 3x SSRM2, 1x MLas, BAP, 1x JJ, XL255)

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Thread in 'WVR-6R' started by enileph, May 18, 2014.

  1. enileph

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    Feel like running this guy again. Here is my version. There are similar ones out there, but this one performs better.

    You got your 2x AC5 with 4 tons of ammo, just enough for your dakka needs. Don't go crazy on it though or you can run out.
    You got the Streaks with BAP, at 2 tons of ammo. This is what you will be spamming up close, just hold down the button and let it rip, while taking sure shots with your AC5.
    You got the MLas for added damage, also as a backup weapon in case ammo runs out.
    You rarely have to worry about heat, so no extra DHS.
    One JJ will let you move around better.

    This one specialize in a support role, moving along with other heavies and assaults. You use streaks for anyone closing in, mostly the annoying lights trying to pick on your slower brothers, and use the AC5 on anything big. Aim carefully since you do not have loads of ammo. Your MLas is useful too, more than you would think so in this build, you have no heat issues so you fire it constantly, and it is your only weapon if you run out of ammo.

    If you feel brave drop the MLas and add another ton of ammo of your choice. I prefer a backup MLas though.

    SLOW version, with more ammo and more leg armor. I think it is a bit too slow to worth it though.
    No worry about the ammo position in the side torso, it is used first and would be gone before your serious close range engagement.
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  2. BSK

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    I have no idea why this version has his own thread. But this is my similar take on it:

    It has 6 jump jets for mobility and can levitate above an enemy who then cannot shoot back. Without the missiles you get more ammo for 1200 possible damage.
    First weapon group: alpha
    Secound weapon group: chainfire ACs

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  3. BSK

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    Good with the new quirks.
  4. Michael

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    Because it has SSRMs and not just SRMs. While it is sort of splitting hairs, as they both involve missiles, it requires different skill sets and is actually a different weapon system (guided versus unguided)