WVR-6K "ThunderFist" (1x Lpulse, 4x Mpulse, 1x SRM 4, XL 300)

Thread in 'WVR-6K' started by Roegan, Sep 30, 2014.

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    Unsatisfied with the builds listed for the WVR-6K, I decided to make one myself.

    Lasers shoot nice and tight together, providing me with some of the best pinpoint shots ever. You simply peek out, fire, and duck back behind the mountain/wall/whatever. If you're slightly out of optimal range for the Mpulses, the Lplas has more range that makes it seem like you're firing 5 mpulse anyways.

    You get about 3 bursts before you have to cool down for a moment, but even then you've done potentially up to 120 damage. I prefer using the SRM as a screenshake or backup weapon if someone blows off my angry arm.

    Speed is about what you expect from a medium, nothing fancy. Use the left arm as a small damage shield, wolverine hitboxes are pretty damn good in general which allows you to run even brawler builds with an XL.
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