WVR-6K "The Straight 6 REMASTERED" (2xLPLas, 2xMLas, NARC, AMS, XL300) + (SRM6 ALT)

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    MAX armor and a full shield arm, because that shield is what is going to keep you alive while you are protecting your main LPL's. Similar to other builds, but this one works best for me.

    Stay with friends, keep those LPL's firing on someone, torso twist on cool down. When you get close enough utilize the MLas This load-out is great for escorting your slower heavies and Assaults, while still being able to get out there and give em hell when the situation needs it.

    I think its important to have AMS equipped in most situations, its amazing how much enemy LURM spam can be negated by a good cluster of friendlies with AMS, especially with how much Polar Highlands comes up.

    NARC for obvious reasons, can be switched ouit for an SRM6 if you prefer a damage boost.

    Group 1- LPLas
    Group 2- MLas
    Group 3- NARC

    High Damage Version
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