WVR-6K "Forehand" (4x LLas, AMS, XL300)

Thread in 'WVR-6K' started by Auriga, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Auriga

    Auriga MechSpecs Addict

    It must work way better with speed tweak. Just protect ur right arm. Not much to say :cool:

    1 Heatsink traded for 1 MLas as backup LINK (31%cooling efficiency)

    Radical recheck of the idea trading 1 LLas for 1 SRM6 and 1 MLas LINK (36%cooling efficiency)
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  2. Flokoloko

    Flokoloko Advanced Member

    My try on upgrading my LPL Build according to the new Quirks without changing the speed

  3. Motörhead

    Motörhead Benefactor

    Wouldn't go lower then 295 anyway, this mech has no JJs and will need to reposition.

    Cool version

    Fast version

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  4. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    I'm slowly coming around to this build as it does have some advantages.

    Energy Weapon Cooldown +15% vs + 25%(2.7625 vs 2.4375)
    Large Laser Heat Gen both -25%(5.25 vs 5.25)
    Laser Duration -15% (0.85 vs 0.67)
    Large Laser Range +25% vs +50% (562.5 vs 547.5m)

    It loses out on each volley significantly as the large lasers are 3.6125 vs the 3.1075 for the LPL. You're also in open view for longer. Both have the 12% cooldown on top which I've not calculated in.

    Heat is the same... except you can pack more heat sinks or a larger engine on the LL version as you've saved 8 tons on the armament so thats in favour of the LL.

    Range is slightly better on the LL version too and the range module will help the LL slightly more.

    Of course my 3 sets of LPL cooldown/range mods are NOT happy.....

    Not fond of the comparison people keep making with the Stalker 4N as for CW that extra 30 tons and slow speed is a huge handicap.
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  5. PyckenZot

    PyckenZot Benefactor

    Duration on target, that is where the lost appeal occurs,... Sad to see my 6K having been hit so hard,...
  6. Motörhead

    Motörhead Benefactor

    Yes this is going to replace my 4N, or better act as a 4N because I discarded it exacly because it was too slow and heavy for CW, tonnage saving is too important.

    What bothers me the most on the new set of quirks is 15% cooldown vs 25% cooldown. Considering that the alpha of 3 LPL is the same of 4 LL (with the duration difference we can say it's the same or even a bit less most of times).

    But also the range doesn't hurt the LL build because they got more, but for example the very funny xl340 5 MPL 20 DHS won't be possible anymore, because range boost will be too low, and it was possibily even funnier then the 3 LPL even if not so effective.
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