Wolverine 6K --- 5ML+SRM6 Endurance Finisher

Thread in 'Wolverine' started by Toastygawa, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I want to like the Wolverine, though its hardpoint layout has drawbacks. Still, they are plentiful and can be tanky, and this one is meant to last during the long missions. All those MLs do a beautiful job of killing wounded and downed mechs.


    Adjustments: Drop one SRM Ammo to add one HS and your fire rate increases (you really won't need 2 tons).

    Pros: More survivable than stock, Alpha dmg can be 150+
    Cons: No Long-Range, head slot used, no JJ.

    This build shown using standard equipment. Using + or ++ can significantly increase effectiveness, but you must protect that RA.

    Wolverine may be more fun to blow up than to play out.

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