Why such variation in the quirks? (WARNING: rant ahead)

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    Just a random curiosity I am entertaining. I don't own any Black-Knights, and I never intend to, but I was messing around in Smurfy with a few builds, and checking the quirks on them, and noticed some distinct outliers.

    This one I kinda understand. Whereas all the other variants have weapon quirks, this one does not; aside from the Structure quirks (which they all either have, or have an armor equivalent of) this variant was given a measly +80 Sensor Range quirk. This is minimal at best, and useless in most situations for a 'Mech with the type of weapons it carries.
    But as I said, I understand why it is given so little: This variant can carry 2 AMS, which none of the others can. So I get that, since it has this "advantage" (if you run AMS) it deserves to have otherwise weaker quirks.

    But here's the thing. Both the 6B-KNT and 7-KNT have an added energy hardpoint, for a total of 9, where the other two variants (including the 6-KNT) only have 8. But these other variants, in addition to having that added hardpoint, also have extra weapon quirks, which the 6-KNT does not have.
    So in the end I still don't get why this variant is so pitifully ignored by PGI. I mean, AMS is nice and all, and having two is definitely better than having just one; but for the majority of situations, this variant lacks a unique strength (from weapon quirks), which all the other variants have in their favor.

    Now that we've addressed the weak variant, let's take a look at what is arguably (in fact, I would say obviously) the strongest one. The 6B-KNT not only has 9 Energy hardpoints (as noted above), as well as the same Structure quirks as the 6-KNT variant, and the same +80 Sensor Range quirk; BUT IT ALSO has a -10% Energy Heat quirk as well. And that's a pretty huge difference! In my opinion, a 10% difference in heat is worth 50 AMS, let alone a single extra one that the majority of players will never use. And remember, we're talking 10%, not just 5% (which is the value of the quirks on the remaining 2 variants, excluding the Partison, which I'm not talking about here because it's a Hero 'Mech). Anyway, it just seems crazy to me that the 6B-KNT has such a strong quirk, compared to those on the other variants (especially the 6-KNT).

    BL-7-KNT and BL-7-KNT-L
    I'm gonna talk about these two simultaneously, because they relate to each other a fair bit.
    Where the previous two variants have Structure quirks, these two have Armor quirks, in similar values. This is obviously a minor difference, but it does make a difference, especially where Crits are concerned. One could say this is offset by the other two variants having the +80 Sensor Range quirk, which these two variants lack.
    That aside though, let's compare just these two to each other for a moment:
    The 7-KNT-L, with 8 Energy hardpoints, has a -5% Laser Duration quirk. The 7-KNT, which has 9 Energy hardpoints, has a -5% Energy Cooldown quirk (which is arguably worth the same as the equivalent Duration quirk). BUT the 7-KNT, (the one with 9 Energy hardpoints instead of 8), ALSO has a -10% PPC Cooldown quirk, as well as a +10% PPC Velocity quirk.
    Now, I could write pages on my (mostly negative) opinion of Velocity quirks, which I won't start here; and a Cooldown quirk is only worth the amount of extra shots you can get off before overheating, because after that your shots are limited by your heat/cooling, not by the weapon's cooldown. But that said, I still don't understand how PGI justified those added quirks on the 7-KNT variant, over the 7-KNT-L. I get that PGI tends to think PPC Cooldown quirks and Laser Duration quirks should be handed out separately to separate variants, to distinguish them, so you run different builds on them, and all that. Sure. But if that's the case, and that's their reasoning for giving one variant the PPC Velocity quirks, and the other variant the Laser Duration quirks, why does the one variant still have all the EXTRA cooldown quirks? Especially since it's the variant with the EXTRA hardpoint (which previously I suggested was the reason for giving a variant FEWER quirks).
    Edit: I just noticed the max-engine difference (up to 385) of the 7-KNT-L. Admittedly, this may be the reason why they gave it fewer quirks than the 7-KNT; but it's a pretty useless reason. Unless you're going to run a super light build, like 8xML, it'd be rare to ever use an engine higher than a 350 on these things. And the engine-cap on all the others is still a 360.

    So, to bring this full circle . . . Again, I do not own a single Black-Knight. I never intend to purchase a Black-Knight. The weapons are (mostly) mounted super low, and although they generally have a lot of hardpoints, it's hard to get enough heat-sinks into the things to suit the amount of firepower you should be loading on them to make proper use of all the hardpoints they have. And to top all that off, they have such horrid quirks (except the 6B-KNT variant, which as noted above has that super nice -10% Heat quirk). But anyway.

    If you're still reading this, then . . . thank you? I guess? And sorry, I know, I just spent way too much time (yours and mine) ranting about 'Mechs that I'm never gonna purchase or run. It just really frustrates me when PGI is so stupidly inconsistent in how they design this game that I love.

    And don't get me started on Laser stats . . . or we'll be here a while.
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    The first time quirks were introduced in a completely different way, PGI looked at the performance of mech variants of the time in competitive play, and placed them into 'Tiers' ranging from 1-5. Tier 1 got minimal quirks, Tier 5 got huge quirks. The Black Knights were a popular and effective chassis at the time, with a big CT hitbox making them fast XL laservom brawlers with 3LPL 3ML combo. They got ratings from Tier1 or 2, and very few quirks to go along with that.

    Then, PGI changed their view on quirks, and based them on their data collection. Combined with making quirks more coherent with the mech (why would a mech running PPC stock have laser duration quirks?), PGI has gradually adjusted quirks of mechs that are under or overperforming in PUGs. Due to the trademarked 'PGI balancing' and the fact that PGI has a near-zero amount of robotized workers, some variants get overlooked (CPLT-C4 vs other CPLTs) and continue into this day with mismatched quirks, or oddities.

    As for the Black Knight, the BLK-6-KNT had different quirks than sensor range before, which made it the best mech to run the brawlvom on. Then they nerfed the overperforming black knight by replacing all these with sensors, and leaving only a few offensive quirks intact. The BLK-6-KNT got the short stick because it was the best performing per-nerf.
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    I would trade any number and type of quirks to get another 48 AMS hardpoints.
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    The BL-6-KNT has better mobility than BL-6B-KNT but weaker quirks. Just look at the mech stats.
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