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    I don't really like using labels. That is a trap - because I am always changing. I know that there is a difference between growing and sitting. Sitters I like to call Zeroes, because there's too many zeroes not enough heroes. The heroes are the people that actually follow through with their ambitions or they lean on others with the ability. Whether you are a life saver or a murderer, that's a fine line. Just because you murdered someone doesn't mean your not a hero. <--- This is why I don't like labels. People are always changing. You may have been a hero once, but now your a murderer. You may have been a murderer once, but now your a hero. There is not enough understanding in our world.

    I feel that too many people just want to sit and wait for someone else to carry them. They expect things to happen with ZERO EFFORT. There are also sideline sitters that like to scream loudly thinking that they are making a difference but they don't really put much thought into what they are saying. Why can't insects fly in those people's mouths? Then at least they can provide some entertainment and really be useful. You ever wonder why nothing ever gets done in wherever you are living? It could be because of you. If your doing absolutely nothing of any help to anybody anywhere.

    I've studied the 16 personalities types and tried to comprehend them in real life. They are not a zero sum check to say this is you. Instead they are a device to help you identify strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths you'll naturally feel more comfortable in, and your weaknesses you'll avoid or shun. A lot of conflict stems from the 16 personality types. I don't get why people feel that they can defend against everything they don't understand. You are meant to perceive everything through your own eyes when you entered this world. Convincing someone else that the information here in front of you is right or wrong is trivial. Don't be a pot hole or a bump on the road for someone else if there's even a 1% chance you are wrong.

    I have read the book mindset from amazon. It has given me a growth understanding of the world. I can see how Neo felt when he became the one. All these "tools" - this information thrown away as B.S. by people trying to defend their own values or view on life. I have to wonder what the rest of their lives are like. It must be very pathetic if you have to immediately go on the defense every time someone tries to bring about change. I think of Jerry from Rick and Morty. There you have your radical idealist who has the key to the universe and it was stepped on because people lack understanding. Maybe they took that key and used it to pick the food out of their teeth.

    This information is a rough draft, its straight from the mother brain itself unfiltered. I've always been thinking about subjects like this. It evolved from a childhood desire to save the world, and grew into this. I just never spread it around because I feel oppressed by the world around me. So quickly to get offended, its almost like I am a foreign body hiding from white blood cells. It doesn't matter if I was the cure for cancer, white blood cells are made to destroy everything that is a danger. Programmed. It lacks understanding. Speaking of programming. Looking at what social media has done to this world it is no wonder we dropped out of the Renaissance. Break out of your NPC mindsets. Free your minds. You cannot fly like a bird and travel the skies until you do. #Saystheguywhogetsignored!

    I don't take sides with any groups. I don't even do football. You could be black, white, green or blue. You could take a political view and think with a very limited scope of the world. You can also eat ramen as your only meal. Naruto. You could be from any country in the world. Discrimination is such a petty thing to hate someone on. It's so weak. If I had a boot big enough to step on you, I would. In a heartbeat. I'm not defending these petty pathetic mob masses that immediately take sides either. I can only hope they can think for themselves one day. Gee. I don't think so m8. I think they will die one day and another will take its place. Hail Hydra. I'm not gonna candy coat anything. You can respect the value of my truth, or you can get offended. Please stand in line, I'm sure there are plenty already waiting in the offended waiting line.

    I wrote this up in like 20 minutes during lunch break. Don't judge brah. Also, I'm not a writer - I'm just a thinker.

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