Casual WHM-BW "QUADLEBBER" (4xLB5X, LE250)

Thread in 'Black Widow' started by Gun Tuv, Jan 14, 2019.

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    My mighty need to put LB5Xs on all the things has returned! With this in mind, I have squeezed 4 LB5Xs onto a Black Widow! Is that doubt I see in your eye? Well, away with your misgivings! I'm having a great time and regularly getting 700+ damage with it and I've hardly got any skill points in it yet. Sure, none of the quirks are being used but the joy of this fit is how closely mounted the quad LB5Xs are on your chest - it's like having an LB20X that fires for over a click with the spread of an LB5X. It's really very effective.

    Design notes: You could go up to an LE265ish, strip the arm and lose the 8th ton of ammo but I am finding the incredible range on your guns means you don't need the speed that much and the extra ammo is useful considering how fast you can chew through it once you decide to put the hurt on someone. One must remain mindful of ammo - in a longer match you *can* run dry and there's no back-up weapons. If I find myself with less than 100 rounds left I tend to shift to chain-fire and only alpha for kills/components/etc.


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