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Solaris WHM-6R "Spike head" (2xSNPPC, 1xUAC20, LE300) + alts (PUG)

Discussion in 'WHM-6R' started by CarloArmato, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Star Lord

    EDIT: this build is not really worth it in PUG, but it can get the job done in Solaris because ammo is not an issue and you can easily put more DHS / armor. The following build is the one that I'm trying out quite successfully in solaris, despite it will have an hard time defeating bigger foes, like meta Kodiak / Warhawk... So no, ATM it's not really worth it when compared to other bigger / stronger foes, but it get the job done most of the times.

    Despite this, the following and tricks (which were made long ango) still apply to this build.

    Original post:

    This is a ghostheat-less brawling build with a 40 damage alfa strike, basically the forbidden dream for those who loves the 2xAC20 combo but are not willing to do it due to the ghostheat. Thanks to the energy and PPC quirks, you will have an overall -10% heat gen to PPCs, so the effective smurfy's cooling efficiency is around 45%, which is very good but not excelent: in the hot maps you will overheat frequently if you are trigger-happy.

    Since this is an asymmetrical build you have multiple options for your torso-twists / shield: you can simply torso twist, you can shield with the least efficient side for the map (UAC20 for cool maps or SNPPCs in hot maps) or simply keep shielding with the UAC20 side so it will be critted when you will be running out of ammo (but with one side torso destroyed, you will have crippled heat dissipation for which is bad for your SNPPCs). Choose wisely or pick your poison.

    Do not hug your foe: you can pinpoint your damage at range and you don't want to be wrecked by SRMs, small lasers and LBXs up close.

    About skills, focus heavily on the operation tree, heatgen, cooldown (range is not mandatory but it will help, especially the SNPPCs), structure/armor bonus (to stack up with quirks bonuses) and don't forget to unlock some torso speed and maybe even speed tweak in the mobility tree. About consumables, use coolshots and airstrikes (or UAVs if you feel confident to focus the right components)

    EDIT: build tested succesfully and I really like it. It doesn't have a huge raw firepower, but the pinpointing ability will really strike fear if you focus a component properly. You can easily headshot people if they hugh you. So far, since the UAC20 tends to jam and breaks the sync shots, I run a build with non ultra AC20 and more armor on the arms for better shielding efficiency

    Alts: you can really play around the basic 2xSNPPC - UAC20 weaponry, so you have multiple choices:
    • downgrade your engine to a LE300 to free 2 tons (or upgrade for better speed / pokability)
    • downgrade to non-ultra AC20 to free 1 ton, slightly better heat efficiency and pinpoint damage (syncing your shots, shielding/torso twisting and keeping your optimal range will be more crucial)
    • add TC1 / ammo
    • add armor to your arms for increased shielding capability (or strip it for additional free tonnage)
    Here are some examples:

    P.S.: the name of this build is inspired from medieval warhammers. Some of them were asymmetrical (like this build) with a spike head on one side to be used for different situations.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  2. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Star Lord


    Updated build for solaris. I kept the old post for quickplay.

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