Warhammer IIC Preorder bonus.

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  1. Tollas669

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    Looks like those who preordered will be getting an additional variant with Ballistics.

    Posted Yesterday, 11:54 PM

    We're looking at doing an additional Standard variant as part of the early adopters.
    • Loadout TBD. (It is being debated at the moment but it looks like it will have ballistic hardpoints in the arms)
    • if we do this we would also have to open up Early adopters again to give others the opportunity to score the additional chassis. (Ending Dec 31st midnight PST 8 AM UTC)
    • The additional Chassis would not be in the main pack and therefore not available to purchase until the MC / C-bill dates.
    Will provide the real details when it is official. I just want to keep you in the loop.

    Aside from not knowing the Loadout at this point does this seem fair to you guys so far?
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  2. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    It seems like a haphazard attempt to make up for dumb shit they tweeted in the past, but I'm sure people won't be mad at an extra mech. In the end though, when everyone has the mech and the dust has settled, it will be yet another smear on their reputation.

    In terms of fairness, it's a weird situation. On the one hand, tricking people into buying a pack with things that don't exist (or are planned) yet is pretty deplorable. "I was referring to the Holiday Bonus" is a shit excuse, because they know the WHM-IIC preorder did not affect the bonus at all. On the other hand, the whole idea of pre-ordering is buying things that don't exist yet beyond concept art, so did people really miss anything? Having the early adopter bonuses open up again is just throwing oil on the fire, because in the end it means there was no difference between pre-ordering before or after mechcon.

    In the scope of current gaming company practices/scandals, with Fallout 76's slew of launch fails or SWBF2's premium+lootbox system, this whole WHM-IIC ordeal is the equivalent to a child stealing candy compared to a homicidal bank robbery.
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  3. Tollas669

    Tollas669 Active Member

    I'd rather pre-order any kind of mechpack or even MW5 from PGI anytime or buy anything from the Star Citizen store than pre-order any game from most of the big AAA game developers/publishers nowadays. My guess is they're now doing this to somewhat please all those people crying p2w on the forums because of the hero mech only ballistic hardpoints, not sure though didn't read that topic too much, but i guess this was in the works since atleast last week but MechCon came and they didn't have the time to work out the specifics but who knows for sure what went on. Considering pre-orders though those who pre-ordered will be getting 4 mechs for 20 and an additional 2 for free because of the holiday bonus. Even if theyre not content with the holiday bonus variant they can still sell it for cbills and keep the mechbay which is basically a win anyways.
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  4. Dagonus

    Dagonus Moderator Staff Member

    I was already preordering WHMIIC because once I heard it was a thing, I wanted it (as in before they were making it when I found out it was a lore thing). I like the WHM IS version so this is just gravy for me. Extra hero for free? Great! Extra mech because I already pre-ordered and your community manager tweeted on his boss's account badly? Great!

    I made no decisions based on their wrong information (Whether it was active disinformation or not could be debated) and am just reaping reward after reward. I'm okay. No complaints here on this front.
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  5. Tollas669

    Tollas669 Active Member

    I pre-ordered too, the standard pack and the hero addon since i had some cash to spend before it burnt a hole in my pocket (or more likely a hole on my credit card).
  6. Tollas669

    Tollas669 Active Member

    Add to that the "explaining to my daughter" part from Soderlund and the " Do you guys not have phones?" stuff. These companies made some bad decisions in the past or were just plain asshats but i really don't get whats gotten into them this year.
  7. Duty Remains

    Duty Remains Junior Member

    I had already pre-ordered the Whammy IIC because I'm a lore/tabletop junkie... Frankly I was getting some amusement at the people complaining about the lack of ballistics on any variants apart from the Hero. Its a Warhammer, that means PGI will focus it primarily on PPCs because MWO is a derivative franchise. Last I checked Sarna was a thing, even if its not a real place. It's not hard to google before getting your hopes up.

    Sarcasm aside, I have to wonder if this wasn't compounded by the some people's response to the lack of ballistic hardpoints. Especially the lack of arm ballistics for gauss weapons. I wonder if pre-order sales might have been poorer than they liked. With the extension of early adopter rewards, it sounds like second chances all around.

    The only players I think this really hurts are the people who already pre-ordered the Hero specifically and solely for the ballistics and people who buy a package from the store after early adopters ends... I only really sympathize with the first group. Also, it does reinforce why I've decided not to commit to anything more than the standard pack before the 'mech enters the game.

    In the end its all upside for me.

    Also 2018 will soon be over... and its been a long year.
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  8. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    I don't care... it's a shame for sure, but as long as you keep away from preordering, it doesn't affect you at all. ;-)
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  9. MayTag

    MayTag Junior Member

    The Warhammer IIC was my absolute favorite mech on table top so I was buying regardless. I bought the $20 standard plus the hero upgrade, because I like the c-bill bonus and special pattern. I didn't know anything about a tweet or extras or anything, so bonus as far as I'm concerned.
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