VTR-9B "Codename_V" (1x Gauss, 1x ERLL, 2x SRM4, 1x ML, 2x JJ, AMS, STD320)

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    Hi there,

    I'm new to assaults and this is my first try on the Victor.

    On paper it suits my playstyle well (hanging back with the snipers early in a match and joining brawls later on). Having said that, I have serious problems reproducing the success of my JM6-DD. Especially my performance with the gauss really worries me, as I have a hard time getting used to it's slow projectile speed (coming from PPCs). I have trouble hitting anything beyond brawling range, if it moves just a little sideways. I have almost no chance to hit circling lights with the gauss (which was not a problem with PPCs). I will delay my final judgement until I have elited the Victor to see if I can improve my success with proper training.

    Until then I would be very happy to get some comments from you pro-pilots.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to Mechspecs. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Well, you are comparing this to a Jager-DD and thinking they play similar is incorrect. This plays more like a Centurion with JJ. You shoot, then twist away from incoming fire to your shield arm; which is your left side.

    If you really wanted to snipe with this build, but are having trouble with the Gauss, just practice with the ERLL. It can reach out just as far as the Gauss, perhaps farther. As for hitting lights with the Gauss, just wait till they are moving in a straight line, then hit them with it; works wonders.
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    I've changed the title of the mech to match naming conventions. If you have issues please view the FAQ section on how to title your build sheets.
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    I'm a bit late with answering the OP. :p But this is how i 'd run it. XL is a bit more risky, but you get a lot more Cooling & Agility. The single ERPPC is no problem with 16 Heatsinks, can fire nonstop. It's nerfed and not projecting as fast as before, but still ok for Fire&Forget Gameplay.