Casual VTR-9A1 "Feer & Pane" (3xLL, 1xUAC20, 2xJJ, LE300)

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    UPDATE: I thought it had bigger arms. Side torsoes without armor and structure quirks are too big and squishy... I forgot why I gave up with the Victor. Don't bother with this build

    I'm not an huge fan of mixed range weapons, but it could be worth a try. The only weapon quirks you get are a mediocre -5% energy cooldown and most importantly -10% laser duration, so the idea is to use those 3xLL like the cheaper version of 2xLPL but with increased range and cooldown.

    Since this build is strongly asymmetrical and overall med-short ranged, is best used in urban maps where you can use your JJs. You should also keep in mind that you can sacrifice one of side of this build if you know you are likely gonna brawl or poke at medium range accordingly...

    Even then, I still have to try out this build.

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