VND-1X "Vindictive" (1xMRM40, 1xERML, 3xLMG, LE225)

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Thread in 'VND-1X' started by Solahma, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord

    So I was thinking what mech get's the best quirks for 1x MRM40... found out the VND-1X is super quirked for a great new-tech build

    VND-1X offensive quirks (at the time of this post):
    Energy Cooldown: 20%
    Energy Heat: -20%
    Missile Cooldown: 25%
    Machine Gun RoF: 30%

    Plus GIANT armor quirks. (+122 armor, that's +26% additional total HP, before Skill Tree. The skill tree can double that bonus.)

    Which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for this build:

    It can brawl as well as take ERML+MRM40 shots at ~500m again stationary targets. It works alright against larger moving targets. And it will be nearly hit-scan up close.

    It's spread isn't fantastic, but it does hold a tight enough grouping to only hit Center Mass on many mechs at range. otherwise it does great damage up close. Sure, SRMs take the cake for effective close range damage, but this Hyper MRM40 can through out some good DPS coupled with the insane RoF quirk (still need to test to make sure the quirk even works for LMGs vs. MGs, assuming it does)

    I recorded some matches locally, so a video of a match and/or montage might be incoming.

    Few matches so far. Worst match has been ~400. Many near or above 1k.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Ragnahawk

    Ragnahawk Well-Known Member

    Heavy machine gun version.

    Some people just don't use the extra range. This is for you.
    + It has higher DPS.

    I should point out that MRM40 is the only MRM that fires slower than the other. (in case you were like hmm I want to build MRMs on some mech.)
  3. Lighthouse

    Lighthouse Benefactor

    While MRM40 fires slower, it is also the most heat-efficient as well, same as MRM10.
  4. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    weightefficient, rather, the MRM10 is not heat efficient in the slightest ^^ (2MRM10 = 33% more heat than 1MRM20)

    I wanted to put in 2 ERML:
  5. Alloh_BR

    Alloh_BR Active Member

    Good one, quite efficient at mid-range.

    But I didn't had a LE to use, neither cBills to purchase, so I had to use my XL220 instead...
    So there was some tonnage left, and I was unable to use all that ammo in QP, so i also reduced ammo, and added 2xMPL, and AMS for teamwork defense.

    Quite efficient, as all weapons are in 440-550 max range, so at ~300m it performs excellent... If you prefer, replace AMS+ammo with MRM/LMG ammo.

    and the "Vindictive" became the viMIDticator:

    There's a bug in smurfy, I was unable to reproduce MWO mechlab stats, so I just removed armour from head/CT. MWO armour is H 17, CT 57/18, Torsos 50/12, arms 44, Legs 53

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  6. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

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