VND-1X "The Underrated" (1x ERPPC, 1x AC5, 1x ML, XL235)

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    I don't think anyone takes this mech seriously, and that noone will keep it at it's mechbay to play it a lot. Still, to level it I used something similar to this:

    Concept is simple enough: fire support. You don't have the armor for a brawl, you don't have the speed for a hit and run style. You have weapons and a slow mech with poor staying power if subjected to enemy fire.

    Stick to the heavies and assaults. Specially the powerful heavies and assaults. Whoever spots a timber and a Vindicator, or an Atlas and a vindicator and shoots the vindicator has some serious trouble when deciding primary targets :D. Really, I've had people targetting lights besides me rather than me. As I said, noone takes this mech seriously, and that works in your favor.

    In general sticking to your big guys will give you ample windows of time where to unleash damage. As soon as you become targetted, hide and cool down.

    Mech is slow but mobility is ok-ish thank to the jumpjets. This is a decent mech to go up that steep hill and convince the spider sniping from there that maybe he want to vacate the location :D.

    I actually started grinding the 1X without AMS, four jumpjets and one extra DHS in a build like this:

    I finally added the AMS because I found myself almost always sticking to the big guys and AMS made sense for that. Still the variation is for a little more "free roam" mode and you can see in this video:

    (remember I'm not that great of a player :p).

    All in all the mech is pretty bad, but at least I had some decent games playing it. Nothing great but at least I never felt useless with it.
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