VND-1X "Psycho Scout" 1xAC10, 2xML, 1xSRM6, XL235, 2xJJ

Thread in 'VND-1X' started by psychosmurf96, May 4, 2016.

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    often seen as a bad mech but this is my personal favorite vindicator (one of my favorite chassis in the game)
    If you guys watch any NGNGTV streams there is a running joke about me and my Vindicators haha.

    This thing is my go to mech for scouting. The quirked ac10 destroys mechs and supplies a strong constant punch and the srm does a surprising amount for it only being a single srm6. The lasers are there for back up. The playstyle I prefer is to play it like a Centurion D with an AC10 instead of LBX and with JJ. So much fun and I recommend it to anyone looking for an AC build to scout with.


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