VND-1X "2nd Line LRM Trooper" (LRM20+A, X2 ERML, X3 LMG, XL220)

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    This build is designed to make the best use of the hardpoints and weight to make a 2nd line LRM trooper. The idea is to stay close to the front line and weaken target armor with the LRMs and ER medium lasers until components are open, then use your LMGs and er mediums to finish the kill. This mech has a great deal of armor on it and the inclusion of the jumpjets gives the player the ability to spread the damage well.

    I like to play close to the front lines, about 300 to 400 meters away from the action. The heavy armor allows you to be targeted by the enemy and survive. So taking a few hits is not a problem and in fact good armor sharing. When under fire make sure to use your jumpjets and to bob and weave back and forth to spread the damage. This mech has as much armor as any heavy and even some assaults.

    I recommend maxing out the survival tree and going mostly for cooldowns. This mech does a great job of mitigating the heat of the lasers with its energy heat quirks. The lrm20 can fire for a long time before overheating and the machine guns do not make any heat.
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