Casual VGL-4 "Mad Eagle" (6xcERML, 2xcLRM20, cLTAG, cXL300)

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    Alternative name: Vape Dog
    Basically a faster Mad Dog B with slightly less / worse quirk, but better enphasys on lasers and way better tonnage / slot consumption

    "Only FerroFibrous and no EndoSteel makes Mad Dog a silly choice"

    - The Shining

    * 6xERML only: you will achieve 50% cooling efficiency and 3 alpha coefficiency (3 alpha strike won't overheat you, especially with skills)
    * 2xLRM20 only: 129% cooling efficiency pre-skills, so you can perma-fire those 2xLRM20 and still dissipate some extra heat.

    The whole point of this build is to shoot ERML with direct Line of Sight, and shoot LRM20 if there is no LoS. LRM20 will spread damage even with LoS and Tag, so don't bother shooting them despite the LoS bonus, especially if you are running hot.

    Why there is no cLAP / cAP? Because if something manages to get close and brawl you, your best bet are ERML, not LRMs, especially if it is below minimum range.

    Why LTAG instead of standard TAG? Because you are not meant to expose yourselves above ERML optimal range and if you are relying on LRMs as your main damage source to kill opponents, you are doing it wrong. LTAG purpose is to either light up a target and show your team mates who you are going to focus or to warn / make your team aware of some nasty opponent directly on their HUD. As stated earlier, if you have direct LoS you shouldn't be shooting LRMs, unless you are cool or target is fleeing and moving behind a cover.

    Why LRMs instead of ATMs? Because ATMs more than often requires LoS (ATMs trajectory is very low) and they require to be very close for maximum damage. You can fire them at non optimal range (for instance, you can take this build and swap 2xLRM20 with 2xATM9), but they will deal less damage per volley with the same tonnage and above their optimal range... So nope, ATMs are best used for short range support, they are not suited (and frankly, they are almost useless) for medium to long range support.
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