VGL-1 "80 Tap" (1xcUAC20, 4xcHML, 4xJJ, cXL300)

Thread in 'VGL-1' started by ShooterMcGavin80, May 21, 2020.

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    I was having fun with this delightful summoner build and was wondering what other chassis might be good at it. And of course the Veagle also runs it very, very well:

    HML's and UAC20's make a surprisingly good comination. Similar range, similar time duration requirements to land your damage. There is a uniquely satisfying feeling when you land your full burn and a double tap on some hapless heavy or assault mech. OOoomph.

    The build is range limited and not 'meta' in any sense of the word (HML's and the UAC20 are almost ineffective against a skilled light pilot in say, a Commando or Flea, and will also be difficult vs an Assassin or Vulcan), however, it can perform very very (very) well in the right context.

    Fire groups:
    1. left click: UAC20
    2. right click: all 4 HML's
    3. arm-mounted HML (for UAV's)

    Optional to drop 1 JJ for more UAC20 ammo.


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