Casual VGL-1 '52 Slaps' (XL300, 2xSRM6A, 4xMPL, 4xMG, 6xJJ, LAMS)

Thread in 'VGL-1' started by Fatterrific, Nov 15, 2021.

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    I had a rough time getting the hang of this Vapor Eagle - ATM12s seemed the obvious choice, but for whatever reason I can't manage to use them effectively (and I can't stand the helpless feeling when a light closes to <120m). After a lot of trial and error I ended up settling on this build and the 'mech actually became one of my favorites. MPLs and SRMs sync rangewise for nice 52 [email protected] meters skilled. Decent pinpoint with the artemis. Pretty strong skirmisher IME. Was surprised it hadn't been posted already (unless I missed it).

    Swap out a JJ or 2 or the AMS for ammo if you find yourself running out, feels about right to me.

    Hopefully I didn't mess anything up, first time posting a build here. Here is the ingame code just in case:
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