Verbs review - The Protector

Thread in 'Orion' started by Verbosity, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Verbosity

    Verbosity Dispossessed

    I Dunno I kinda like it, it's got a different asethetic to the other mechs, and looks really cool in 3pv.

    Ok a few days in, and I'm starting to hate this thing less, I've been running it as a support mech, stay near your group, if a little back and you'll do ok, this is not a 'high risk - high reward' mech. I've noticed other people playing the same way. More often now the first time I seen an enemy protector is near the end of a match, or after the furball is in full swing.

    Myself: I'm currently running lrm30+A + LB10x , trying to decide if I want an XL engine for 2xLL's or STD + 2xML's
  2. Hurthammer

    Hurthammer Active Member

    I've been running mine much like a heavier SP. 2xSRM6+A(3 tons ammo) and 2xERLLas. Cram a 360xl, AMS+ammo and as many heat sinks as I can fit. I run it as a support/flank protection. It's quick and packs enough punch to hold it's own. I enjoy the mech.
  3. BindMind

    BindMind Advanced Member

    I bought this for my little brother, and he's been rocking out with dual AC/5's, a PPC and 2 MLas (per my recommendation) with an XL engine of course.

    The mech looks pretty damned cool, don't know why anyone thinks it's ugly. It's got that cool juggernaut look. Those hardpoints are ballin' too, with everything piled up in those invincible side torsos. The thing is just a tad fragile though, so weapons with distance are basically required.

    To me this thing feels like a 75 tonne catapult, what with the way the CT is so prominent, that has way better hardpoints. I don't doubt in the old 2PPC1Gauss meta this thing would have been utterly annihilated, but the way things have been shifting nowadays I gotta say this thing can lay out the hurt.
  4. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    So many players complain about the Protector about the CT. Im wondering how the Orions would be after fixing the CT Problem. If they change the Hitbox.profile wouldnt that mean that the "hunchy" left Shoulder would be more easily to be taken out, just like the Hunchbacks? Resulting to be more dangerous to use XL engines. Do you really want this?
  5. Regina Redshift

    Regina Redshift Sass Elemental

    I don't grab new 'mechs anymore. It seems like every time they release one, it's model isn't balanced for a month.
  6. Verbosity

    Verbosity Dispossessed

    Thats a good point, last night I was running round in my zombie cent, when I noticed a protector with a crit side torso. "easy kill" I thought to myself, and a nearby jager and myself engaged it. eventual death of the protector? yup crit CT :-/
  7. Leonhart

    Leonhart Advanced Member

    Well lets be honest here, most people go for CT anyways on most mechs. That will never be stopped, but at the same time for our own survival we NEED shots that shouldnt hurt the CT, to actually not hurt the CT.

    Awesomes, Highlanders, Victors, dragons and Quickdraws are all mechs with a massive, easy to hit CT and we have learned to handle them and love them. There were a few initial complaints but they got worked out, mostly. So on one hand, in time, this mech may earn his place among his forefathers in Val Halla. On the other, this mech's CT complaints have gone through the roof. More so than the Victor and Quickdraw combined. Just looking at this mech shows that there just isnt really any side torso to hit. What small area there is, is covered by his massive arms. This is poor design. What seems like it should be a good thing to not be able to hit the side torsos, isnt. He doesnt have just a large Barn door CT like the Quickdraw that twisting can help fix. EVERY thing is CT.

    So in the end, YES, please give us better hitbox detection, or just change them entirely for this mech. People love Hunchbacks regardless of their RT. The whole premise of not dying when losing parts is because we have multiple parts to destroy, potentially. When everything adds up to destroying the one main area that everyone focuses, you're gonna have a bad time. That's a lot of the reason an Atlas goes down quicker than i feel they should. It's just so easy to hit the same area again and again. But with an Orion, hitting the Side of his chest actually hurts the

  8. Goregrimm

    Goregrimm New Member

    I haven't run Protector enough to make a decision but I am in love with my K model. With only the basics I am usually putting up 400+ damage matches with an average of 2-3 kills. I thought it was the ugliest mech released at first but after playing in it for a while I have changed my mind. The head is still ugly but I like the way it looks. She has a great personality, lol.