Trebuchet TBT-5N - LRM Boat

Thread in 'Trebuchet' started by Marxak, Mar 20, 2019.

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    No really... TBT-5N ONLY proper use is a LRM boat. And that's even to stretch it.
    The Trebuchet is on the light side due to the oversized engine, so it's best used as a fast flanker with lasers or SRMs or - better - an LRM platform, used for as long as you can't afford a better one.


    The Trebuchet can be refitted into a workable short-range brawler in a pinch. 2 x SRM6 + 4 x Medium Laser give a respectable 196 damage Alpha Strike at close-to-mid range.

    Now, tbfh. Just drop it. i only post this so there IS a viable loadout if you truly have no other LRM boat atm. But you are far better off with a centurion.