Totally Original build (2xAC10, XL280)

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Thread in 'BSW-X1' started by vipershark, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. vipershark

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    Hits like a brick, but slow recycle time, low velocity, and low ammo keep it from being great. literally cannot over heat itself, if you want you can trade armor for a flamer just to use up all the heat you could be using, but i generally need all the ammo I can get. can us this on all but the P Variants, but the 10% ballistic range is helpful if you find yourself at a mid range standoff.

    Have another version for scouting that trades ammo for an XL300 to help keep novas at arms length, works pretty well if you can keep some range and aim.

    Lol didn't look at the X2 and see this exact name was there, with the same build
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  2. CarloArmato

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    Good mid range pinpoint build, but lacks maximum DPS.
    At the time the OP was published it probably missed the new tech (Light ferro fibrous is a straight upgrade), so with LFE you can add more armor and ammo or even slightly modify the build to add a LPPC for some additional damage and alpha strike.

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  3. CarloArmato

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    So... With 2021 level of pinpoint and with a "fast medium go vroom and nascar" QP meta established, this build can and should be revisited.

    XL295, 5 ton of ammo for more than 1K potential damage.

    Skill tree is very important, because you have to exploit armor quirks, your speed, DPS (cooldown) and range, while also countering not exceptional projectile velocity, lack of alpha strike (need to free trade as much as you can, despite the DPS oriented build) and weakness to any fast brawler (any piranha / black lanner will eat your ass if you are not careful)

    Almost maxed range (instead of maxed range) because +10% range quirk greatly enhance your optimal range, while at 550 AC10 projectiles will struggle a bit to follow the intended target... That's why I skilled velocity (+9%, 3 nodes) instead of maxing range.
    Almost maxed cooldown because I would also have to skill into heatgen (which is completely useless) and I wanted to save some nodes for something else.
    Classic almost max armor branch in survival tree.
    Max speed tweak for fastest reposition / flank and best kiting options in case of brawlers trying to chase you down or nascar.
    Almost maxed radar deprivation so you can almost safely poke most LRM / ATM builds
    Max seismic sensors to prevent being sneaked on by any brawler while flanking
    Almost maxed air/artillery strikes for when the situation requires it.

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