To AMS or not to AMS?

Thread in 'Jenner' started by Verbosity, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Verbosity

    Verbosity Dispossessed

    This applies to all Jenners, seeing as I run in a JR7-F I've used it as reference.

    After having discussions with Micheal in regards to AMS , and to another pilot about how engines perform in the Jenner, I decided to change my mech a little:

    Before: JR7-F: 6ML , 4JJ , XL300

    After: JR7-F: 6ML , 4JJ, XL285 , AMS ( +1T ammo )

    so what was the difference?

    In fairness, the 10kph drop isn't much, and when running with other lights in a pack, you're still pretty fast, keeping up with the other lights. My own opinion was that you can take a couple extra hits when escaping from faster meds/heavies, and you seem to lose a little jumping ability( might just be me).

    With/against most other mechs the speed diff isn't a huge issue, however there is one case where I felt it made a big difference, other Jenners. being at their speed/a little faster is a real bonus, both for attacking and escaping, and that drop in speed was really noticeable.

    As a fast mech, missiles aren't as dangerous as they are to bigger slower mechs, but they still hurt. AMS takes that pain away.

    This gives a pilot the ability to remove much of the threat from those big LRM boats ( I spent at least 2 rounds just running round and staying as a target as hundreds of missiles flew at me ). if you are moving through a brawl, it can also protect your teammates.

    It also seems to help against SRMs ( plz correct me if I'm wrong ), now this is a big win for me, anything that helps strip the bite from other lights is a big plus.

    Final outcome ( aKa. min/max) :
    Really this depends on play-style and taste. I can see tourny level Jenners packing AMS as standard, and really making use of it.
    Each choice has its own benefits/drawbacks, and in the end I felt that they were really balanced, each having benefits depending on the match,your teammates and your enemies.

    In the end, I went back to the XL300 ( "she's a hunk of junk, but she's the fastest ship in the fleet" ) my only wish is that I could shoehorn that 5th JJ in somehow......
  2. skribs

    skribs Min-Max Maniac

    I find lights don't get hit much by LRMs. Might as well go without unless you got the tonnage to spare.
  3. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    Is AMS effective against streaks? I'd say most of the time they're shot from too much close range for the AMS to be effective, but I honestly have no idea and did no testing.
    If it is, then AMS can be useful in a light vs light situation (especially with the raven and his 2 salvo launcher)

    But even if it was useful, I'm not even sure I'd mount an AMS on my Jenner.
    It's already so short on tonnage, and if I had 1.5t available I'd rather mount one more DHS and JJ.
  4. Yassum

    Yassum New Member

    I think the AMS works against streaks, but only if you're ~100m away, otherwise there is no time to "intercept" them, at least that was my impression in game, I didn't formally test it
  5. Regina Redshift

    Regina Redshift Sass Elemental

    In light 'mechs with smaller CTs, I think AMS is less important. The Jenner has a Dragon-esque jutting, wide CT, which gives it a lot of surface area and makes it more likely to be hit. Especially from above, the whole top of the 'mech is front CT.

    The bigger question, in my mind, is whether you intend to be a flanker or an attacker? If you're fighting shoulder to hip with larger 'mechs, they'll thank you for carrying support equipment. If you're flanking, things like BAP, ECM, AMS and TAG can give away your position.

    I seriously want the ability to turn things like AMS, BAP and ECM off. I've lined up shots well in advance because of the disturbance this equipment creates. I've also been bitten my overzealous equipment when trying to ambush an LRM boat.
  6. Verbosity

    Verbosity Dispossessed

    ok so the ams Vs. Streaks is a big question, I'm going to equip ams again and fraps a few drops to see what I can discover - stay tuned.

    Archwright is totally correct about how these nice pieces of equipment can expose you, and thats totally correct, and why most Jenner pilots don't equip such thing.
    He's also correct about the value of ams being based on your role - if you are adding to the 'ams umbrella' of your teammates, then its not about helping you, its about helping them.

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