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Casual TNS-Hangover "Wreck-it-Ralph" (4xSRM6, 1xSRM4, 5xMLas, ECM, LE325) +Alt

Discussion in 'Hangover' started by Falconium, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Falconium

    Falconium Administrator Staff Member

    I don't own this 'Mech (yet) but I'm loving theory-crafting with it.

    Pretty basic: giant alpha, right-side focused, ECM, couple JJs, decent speed with a Light Engine, enough DHS to keep it relatively cool, armor values almost maxed.

    I do have two main concerns: I'm not sure it has enough ammo, and I'm worried the ghost heat on that many SRMs will be a bit much, since the build is already rather hot as it is. Of course, one could always set the SRMs to two weapon-groups, but that reduces the "alpha" and increases face-tanking time, both of which are counter-intuitive for a build like this.

    ALT - As such, I imagine a more balanced build could look something like this:

    Only 4 SRMs, so no ghost-heat, and used the slot for an extra ton of ammo. Also maxed the armor with the added tonnage left over, though one could look at increasing the Engine size instead. Again, without field-testing this 'Mech (hopefully soon), I'm undecided as to whether I agree with reducing the alpha, just to avoid 3.15 ghost-heat.

    Of course, there's also the issue of running SRM6s without Artemis, which makes for a rather messy spread; but with the limited slots, running Artemis on this 'Mech would greatly affect its Alpha capacity. Need to test.

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