Career Thunderbolt 5SE - mid/close brawler

Thread in 'Thunderbolt' started by Marxak, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Marxak

    Marxak Junior Member

    I am in heaven, this outfit.. my god.

    Ahem!.. A versatile mech. When outfitted with 1x Large laser, 3x Medium lasers, 1x SRM6, 1x SRM4, 1x SRM ammo, 3x MG, 1x MG ammo, 3x jump jets with the rest in heat sinks. This build has a potential 195 alpha strike at medium range with a potential 240 at close range. It is nearly as maneuverable as a grasshopper while being better at medium range albeit with poorer heat management. The large laser is a focused damage dealer with all of it's damage going to one place. Swapping the 1x Large laser with 2x Medium lasers and 3 heatsinks would add an additional 10 damage and save 3 units of heat. Instead opt for 2 Medium lasers with 2 heatsinks and an additional jump jet for maneuverability on par with a grasshopper.


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