Thor Ragnarok v Justice League

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Which Movie is more AWESOME in Your Opinion?

  1. Thor Ragnarok

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  2. Justice League

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  1. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    I watched both Movies and IMHO both Movies are on a similar Level in every Regard - Positive Things, negative Things - both not the best movies, but also not bad or mediocre - in fact i find both very Entertaining with some Flaws here and there but also plenty of Awesomeness. Thor a bit more Funny, JL a bit more Epic, but very similar. In the end, i am very happy to have Marvel Movies and DC Movies as Big Budget Productions, which i really dreamt of in my Childhood/Teenage.

    What really baffles me is that Critics still give Marvel Movies much higher ratings on Average than DC Movies. Doesn't feel right for me.

    Just take a look at RT (!?):

    So what's your Opinion, guys? What do you like, what not? Let the Discussion begin!
  2. Regina Redshift

    Regina Redshift Sass Elemental

    I was a little disappointed in Thor: Ragnarok. It just didn't come together the way I wanted it to. It wasn't bad like Avengers 2, but it left me feeling kinda unfulfilled.

    I have zero interest in seeing Justice League at the cinema. I truly disagree with the direction Snyder has taken the DC movies. That said, I liked Wonder Woman more than I've liked any super hero movie in a while. I think I'll catch Justice League on streaming.

    P.S. I'm also a bit annoyed that Ragnarok failed the Bechdel test simply because they didn't give Valkyrie a name-name.
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  3. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    I found Thor: Ragnarok tried to coast a bit too much on the success of GotG2.
    A lot of the jokes were super forced and predictable and while Guardians of the Galaxy set this more comical tone since the start, the extent to which jokes were made in the original Thor/Avengers movies was more like 'Thor doesn't know how the world works' and one-liners, rather than spending an entire scene on Bruce Banner slapstick. The humor, while I did laugh a few times, was just very out of place. Oh and the post-post-credits scene was utter garbage.

    The action scenes were very well put together though. It's interesting to see how they keep inventing new ways to commit mass goon murder or epic champion battles. I enjoyed the fluidity a lot, something which I find lacking in Snyder's movie adaptations. The slow-motion can be really epic and allows for more creative close-call shots which would otherwise be too fast to see, but the way Snyder does it, usually it's just overdone and breaks momentum.

    On that note, I agree with Archwright here. I don't like the superdark and gritty atmosphere of the DC movies. I find the less serious note of Marvel (if consistent) to make a more enjoyable movie. Dark atmospheres work good with a good plot, and tbh you don't watch superhero movies for the plot. It's just superpowerporn. I'll see Justice League some day because I've heard from more sides that it's an okay movie (unlike Batman vs Superman), but haven't seen a DC movie in the cinema since Man of Steel.
  4. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    Thor: Ragnarok was so much GotG2 + Star Wars with loads of fun scenes (The Revengers haha), but sometimes i felt it was too much of the Goofiness. Could have been a bit less funny and more serious Badass Action. I'm not interested to watch it a second time, even though it is a Fun Movie. Unfortunately not enough for me to keep remembering/debating after yrs.

    Btw - In total i was pretty disappointed by the Marvel Movies in 2017. None of the three titles made me want to watch it twice at the cinema or even a second time on Bluray, what i always did in the past with Phase1+2.... GotG2? CGI-slugfest with super thin plot, and jokes that impressed rather by quantity than quality, and no true Villain that you have to fear. What i liked most in that Movie was the Burial Scene in Space at the end. The rest i've already forgotten. Spider-Man: Homecoming? It's a nice kid-story, but for mature movie-goers a bit too childish with not a single epic action scene that you would expect from Marvel/Spider-Man. Compared to Spider-Man 2 from over 14 yrs ago (2003) a real Big Stepdown. Thor:Ragnarok was the best of the three, but i originally expected something different for the final third chapter - way more epic fantasy action among Gods, less Scifi-Comedy like GotG. At least we get a funny Gladiator Battle with Hulk Smash. That was really Fun to watch.

    JL on the other hand was surprisingly good despite the difficult production process and the Doubt we all had after BvS. I had low Expectation and i've watched it only in 2D in a small cinema (sorry DC! I've never been a big DC comic reader in my Childhood. Marvel was my only Super Hero Universe until i've seen some Reeves and Keatons with Capes in the 90s on TV). I really enjoyed the Characters, the Action and wow, the Feeling you get from watching it - it's the least Snyder-Style Movie - Whedon did a ton of changes to get the Movie enjoyable for the Audience. Great Job. I just wished the Movie had 10minutes more screentime, for some depth in the story-telling/Pause between the Action Scenes.

    And you know what? I am going to watch the JL Movie a second time next week - this time in 3D and Dolby Atmos on real Big Screen, just for the grand scaled Epic Battle Scenes, which were truely awesome and memorable. E.g. that Flashback Scene from the Past - think of tLofR Opening. And soooo many Easter-Eggs and Teasers. You have to see the Post-Credit Scenes - they are totally brilliant (Fan Service + Awesome Teaser for the DCEU Future! It's nothing you have expected. Believe me..).

    p.s. loving the Soundtrack

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