The point of La Malinche?

Thread in 'Banshee' started by cs_kami, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. cs_kami

    cs_kami Benefactor

    Soo, it has less weapon hard points than say Boar's Head, Misery or Heavy Metal.. i am missing something? It can be a zombie build, that's definitely a plus, so no XL engines in it.
  2. Sassafras

    Sassafras MechSpecs Addict

    To me it looks like a cut down AS7-D with one less ballistic slot, and one less missile slot. I am having a really hard time determining the upside here. I guess it can zombie slightly better with an ML in the head?
  3. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    It has 95 tons and they didn't have 95 tons before?

    If there were real weight limits than that 5 extra tons could be put towards upgrading something else by 5 tons.

    Oh weight (ha ha, pun intended) there isn't.
  4. Sassafras

    Sassafras MechSpecs Addict

    Well, the rest of the variants actually look great (4 Ballistics? 95 ton Energy Boat? Yes Please!). It's just weird that the Hero mech has hardpoints very similar to other existing mechs, but seemingly worse in every way. I guess it does have the extra torso twist, but I would take a second ballistic slot any day of the week.
  5. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord

    Would be Awesome to have weight limits per weight class. For example, the Assault weight class would have a total weight limit of 270 which is the average of all the assault weights if three assaults are taken. 270 spread between 3 assault mechs. You would still be able to take 3 Highlanders, but the other weight classes will be more interesting. You couldn't take 3 Cataphracts, 3 Shadowhawks, and 3 Firestarters because those would all be above their respective weight class weight limit...

    For this exact average formula you'd be looking at:

    Assault - 270 tons
    Heavy - 202
    Medium - 142
    Light - 82

    A little more refinement that seems more practical. Would not allow 3 of the max weight mechs for each class, but still allow some diversity.

    Assault - 280 tons (can take 2 Atlas and 1 Awesome)
    Heavy - 205 (so you can't take 3 Cataphract, but you can take 2 cataphract and 1 jager)
    Medium - 150 (can take 2 Shadowhawk and 1 cicada)
    Light - 100 (little more wiggle room. Can fit 2 firestarters/jenners and a commando)

    Would force teams to pick certain mechs in each weight class instead of just the heaviest (aside from assaults since Highlanders/Victors still rule that class)

    Just a thought. Maybe more of a competitive drop guideline...
  6. triforceelf

    triforceelf Benefactor

    The Banshee was always in a really hard place on the tabletop. If you were building forces by tonnage, no one in their right mind would take most banshee variants since a Highlander or Zeus was a way better choice, and at less tonnage. If you were building by BV, the Banshee was still a poor choice as it paid a lot of BV for all that armor and speed that did nothing for it. Some of the variants were OK, but most heavy mechs and almost all the assault mechs were going to be a better choice for you.

    In MWO, the Banshee still as the same problems. It's got really wonky sub-optimal hardpoints, and at 95 tons even with a 380 engine it's still not the fastest assault mech thanks to the ability to put whatever engine you want in a victor or highlander. The lack of jump jets isn't doing the mech any favors in the mobility department either. While I am excited lore-wise to be able to drive a banshee, none of the variants look all that exciting. Sure being able to mount 8 energy weapons is cool, but their placement just isn't as compelling as a Boar's Head, HNG-733P or BLR-1H.
  7. Sir Tiddles

    Sir Tiddles Active Member

    The only real advantage I can see for the Banshee over say the Atlas, is that most of the variants have two shield arms, so you can constantly shield your weapons from being blown off by twisting.

    Still, I don't think that is worth not having arm-weapon targeting for corner shooting and such. I have to say I am kind of let down by the banshee, even if I love it lore wise and think it looks awesome.
  8. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny MechSpecs Addict

    Honestly the only reason I got the LM is because I found it to be slightly better than the 3M, which is my opinion is horrible for my particular game play style. That combined with 2 weeks early for Cbills, and the Cbill increase boost made it slightly worth while.

    I don't hate the purchase, but I'm not in love with it either. I WAY more like driving my Misery or Metal or even founders Atlas over it.
  9. John McFianna

    John McFianna Active Member

    -2 Arm weapons compared to the normal Banshees.
  10. knightwolf47

    knightwolf47 Active Member

    My initial impression on the hardpoints made it look like a heavier version of the Protector, trading the second ballistic and missile slots for that extra energy slot, or after the Atlas comment to be a rearranged version of the Atlas K. The lower number of non-energy hardpoints compared to the Protector I find somewhat disappointing, as the extra tonnage would theoretically allow for better use of these. That being said, I'm wondering if the inclusion of two arm-mounted hardpoints on this design was the cause of the relocation of the right arm lasers from the tabletop 3S.

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