TDR-9S "The Kilometers" (2x ERPPC, 1x LGR, TC1, XL300)

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    This build is a perfect Sniper with 900m optimal rang for all weapons (with skill).

    ERPPC was crazy with all the Quirks for it (Heat -10, Cooldown -15%, Velocity +10%).

    With skill it's possible to have this kine of weapon :
    Heat : 13.5 - 2.767 = 10.733 Heats
    Cooldown : 2.98 Sec
    Range : 921 m
    Projectil speed : 2090 m/sec

    With all this good staff, it's mendatory to playing with 2 of these golden weapons ;). Addition of Light Gauss and you have a perfect firepower at extream range for no heat. The Range, velocity & cooldown was quite identical between ERPPC Quirked & Light Gauss rifle.
    16 Heatsinks just for the 2 ER PPC permit to benefit the very low cooldown (mini 4 blast before overheating).
    TC1 for beter zoom and velocity.

    Light Gauss for corner and ERPPC for hill poking.

    Don't shoot L-Gauss & ERPPC at the same time to avoid heat penality.

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