TDR-9S "Hot? Quirk." (2x ERPPC, 3x MLas, 2x AMS, STD300) + variant

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    UPDATE Apr 25, 2016: Yet again quirks include missiles. See older versions under spoiler if you want to use all the quirks.

    UPDATE Dec 10, 2014: Quirks were changed. They discarded missiles completely and even buffed ERPPC even more and probably lasers too, if I remember previous quirks correctly.

    In short, it's 2xERPPC-sniper build meant to use all available quirks.

    Reworked "Hot? Quirk. v2" Version

    Alternate "XL" Version

    Original "Hot? Quirk." Version

    Alternate "Don't need your AMS." Version

    Here is unorthoQUIRKs variants in case you want to drive something weird:

    Alternate "unorhoQUIRKs" Version

    Alternate alternate "unorhoQUIRKs" Version

    Guide Table of Contents

    - Introduction
    - Premise
    - Tactics


    First of all, let's talk about its 24% 25% cool. eff. It seems like unwisely hot, but it's not exactly true.

    There is no need to smash all buttons in the same time. There are 2 groups of weapons in this build for 2 scenarios: sniping and mid-range protection. Let's look at them:


    If you leave only 2x ERPPC, you'll have 37% 36% heat. It's cool enough for sniping because you very rarely can use full DPS anyway.

    Mid-range protection:

    Let's remove 2x ERPPC, we got 66% 82% heat now. Certainly you'll kill/escape/die before even starting to overheat.


    Despite the big number of TDR-9S loadouts, there weren't any fully “compatible” with quirks when they came out. I decided to build such from scratch.

    In view of current quirks I made for myself this list of requirements/constrains:
    • At least 2xERPPC to use related quirks.
    • SRM6, preferably with Artemis, because:
      • Missile quirk adds range, which is useless for LRM.
      • 1xSRM4 (or 2) is pretty much useless.
      • SRM6 without Artemis just spread out a lot and effectively do nothing, especially considering extended range.
      • 1xSSRM2 is useless too. (Obsolete: quirks were changed).
    • 2x AMS, because 2 AMS slots are pretty much one of “quirks”.
    • Some Lasors to use related quirks.
    My first result was unorhoQUIRKs but I felt like it really need improvement, a lot more minmaxing.
    I wanted to improve my unorhoQUIRKs build, but how could I do it? I tried to sacrifice speed and/or ammo, but as a result, I only got essentially the same build but slower+hotter instead of any improvement.

    After a few runs I understood that I can sacrifice heat. (Yes, I decided that 29% is too cold.)

    But then quirks were changed. So, I discarded SRM. And decided to switch the engine to STD, because I became pretty annoyed by side torso deaths after playing with XL in this. Overall alpha is lower, but the raising of survivability is more significant.



    • Overall, it's your typical PPC-sniper, nothing new or unusual. Just snipe them all!
    • ERPPCs are mounted high, use it to peek above the hills.
    Mid-range and close-range:

    Of course, a bit later in the battle, enemies will come to you. Both fast ones and slow ones. You know how it happens: you cannot run from fast mechs, because they're fast. You cannot run from slow mechs, because nowhere to run (flanking here, surrounding there...).
    • Do not continue to use 2xERPPC as your main weapon, even against slow targets. It deals full damage at any distance, but it has very unimpressive DPH (damage per heat) and thus low Sust. DPS in comparison to your mid-range weapons.
    • But don't completely abandon it too. Your mid-range weapons are boringly cool without it. If you have less than 50% heat and a target is slow, use it, then forget about it and use only lazors+srm until heat is again below 50%.
    • Do use SRM against light mechs. Very easy to miss, but no need to conserve ammo, you have plenty of it. When you hit though, it works as a nice anti-light shotgun. I make light-killing blows with it often.
    Thanks Blagg Zear for his template.
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  2. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    May have to try this to know how it goes. Seems interesting on paper though.
    Is thinking of this:

    PPC instead, and downgrade to SRM4 for more rapid fire during short range.
    You get a bit more cool and most importantly more armor. AMS... I am not sure but maybe you can have less AMS ammo, but field testing is needed.
  3. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    Have to be honest I ignored the launcher totally and have been running with:

    Larger STD engine for better twisting and speed. Soaks damage superbly.
  4. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    w/o AMS you can have 19 DHS.
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  5. Remarius

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    Yeah been using the TDR-9S or my Jester as a utility group support when we need AMS cover.
  6. Renegademaster

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    Well i noticed if i took Endosteel and Ferro-fibrous i could squeeze in the STD315 that you get with TDR-9SE, handy if you are trying to master the chasis. On the TDR-9SE there wasnt enough tonnage to get the 3 Large Pulse Lasers you need to take advantage of the Quirks but the engine runs like a dream on this mech and you get an extra 2 heat sinks to boot! This mech is lean - no un-necessary gear, its fast(ish), its got the range and the fire-power!

    STD 315 - the biggest engine this chassis and can take, and no vulnerable Torsos!
    2 * ERPPCs are way hot enough. To take any more is IMHO crazy. With a Zoom Module makes you an excellent sniper
    Quirk Bonuses:
    -25%Heat Generation
    -25% Cooldown
    30% Projectile Velocity

    3* Medium Lasers - you need a back weapon to deal with anything that gets within 90m (and light mechs in general), these are tonnage efficient and run relatively cool.
    Quirk Bonuses:
    -12.5%Heat Generation
    -12.5% Cooldown

    -15% Laser Duration

    I tried this mech with a STD250 and a bunch of AMS and other stuff, and it was just painfully clunky. Now i have enough speed to get into position and enough range to take advantage of exposed enemies!
    When its gets up close and personal use the Medium Lasers, and when you have enough heat ceiling let rip with the ER-PPCs too.
    With the big engine torso twisting is faster so the arms make effective shields, so torso twist either way to spread damage out, although probably favour twisting to use your right arm as a shield to save the ER-PPCs.

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  7. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    you are so close to what I currently run on my TDR. But you miss out on a lot by using that FF and the STD315. I'll post my build shortly.

    EDIT: How I would run this build
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  8. Renegademaster

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    thanks Vergere, yes my build is in a similar vein to this one. Look forward to seeing yours, does it use an XL?
  9. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    that is a negative RGM.
  10. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    17 heat sinks for only 3.7 kph! nice work! VGR
  11. Hurthammer

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    I run the version Vergere posted above. It's beastly.. Snipe or brawl, this mech fills both rolls well. Superb at pugging alone or grouped with the unit. Great escort mech for the 100 tonners.

    With the standard motor it's a tough SOB and is refreshingly nimble for it's size.

    It can get warm on the hotter maps if you lay on the PPC's too much in a brawl. It's just a solid build.
  12. Motörhead

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    I think the STD285 is the best engine for this build

    It's not too common, but doesn't cost much.
  13. Friggin

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    if you sacrifice a couple of heat sinks you can try this loadout too. medium wubs and ferro armour instead of std armour and MLas

    edit: i lust for wubs
  14. anonymized1

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    Fixed your smurfy link, please refer to the FAQ on posting smurfy code on the site... Oh, and
    Welcome to MechSpecs!
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    omg that´s allmost my Fun Troll Build, somehow this thread was invisible for me.


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