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Casual TDR-5SS "Double Barrel" (2xHPPC, 4ML, LE300)

Discussion in 'TDR-5SS' started by Laonidas1, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Laonidas1

    Laonidas1 New Member


    The shoulder mounted energy hard points on this mech are great for sniping since they are at eye (cockpit level) and are right next to each other resulting in perfect pinpoint damage. The MLs can amplify damage a couple times before heat becomes a problem or give you something for close range.
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  2. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 01110010 01101111 01101111 01110100 Staff Member

    I find dual HPPC to be much hotter than smurfy's heat efficiency lets on. Tried it on a KGC with 2HPPC, 1 AC20 and everything else heatsinks, and it was still so hot :(

    But, the high hardpoints of the 9S and 5SS are indeed perfect for pinpoint sniping. Just keep track of the extremely high heat requirements.
  3. Laonidas1

    Laonidas1 New Member


    I removed an ML and added another heat sink to add more sustained damage. It can be a niche build because if your team spreads out or falls apart lights will under run you and can eat you alive... as long as they do not get 91 meters away :) I have blown up a couple that misjudged their circle of death.

    Some day I will have to by a Catapult K2 for this type of build. The -10% Heat Gen and being more XL friendly nature would probably out weigh the much greater weapon spread.
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