Casual TBT-7M "Byzantine Medium Artillery" (2xLRM15, ERML, TAG, XL300)

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    The Trebuchet is aptly named as it is could be the most effective LRM boat. I have found the most optimal build. The most important ingredient is a 300XL engine which allows for a speed of 97.2 kph. This can be used to get the distract the enemy team from their flanks.

    Many opponents thinking they had perfect cover will panic when LRM'd. Expect many to rush towards you as the LRM trails give your position away. Fortunately the 300XL engine helps you bravely run away. Here's the kicker, that impressive yaw angle of 115+35 and energy hard points on the arm allows for tagged volleys while retreating.

    Oh and the quirks are nothing to sneeze at:
    • 5% LRM15 Cooldown + 20% Missile Cooldown
    • 10% Missile Velocity
    • -20% Missile Heat Generation (!!)

    Matches Played: 5 (Solo QP)
    Wins: 4
    Losses: 1
    W/L Ratio: 4.0
    Kills: 6
    Deaths: 1
    K/D Ratio: 6.0
    Average Damage: 645