TBT-5J Typhon (1x ERLLas, 2x LLas, 1x MLas, 2x JJ, XL300)

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    Between its loadout and mobility, the TBT-5J Typhon variant is a strong pocket medium, relying on heavier mechs to be the primary target as the Typhon gashes great holes in its target. Even if it becomes a target, an XL 300 engine and two jump jets allows the Typhon to effectively maneuver or escape, after which it can simply appear again to unleash another Alpha. While there are better light hunters, the Typhon is still capable at it. With its turning rate and its entire loadout in its arms, the Typhon can often blast light mechs attempting to circle it, and then briefly chase them, though it should yield to a dedicated Kintaro or Shadowhawk.

    Loadout Explanation
    The three Large Lasers act as the Typhon's main punch. Only one being extended range gives the Typhon some long range ability without overheating it. The single medium laser takes up the last bit of space, adding a small bit of weight efficient damage to the Typhon's close range alpha strike.

    The Typhon isn't without its issues. Armor is sacrificed in its legs to make room for its loadout, though in common playstyle the mech still isn't frequently legged. The bigger weakness is the fact that the Typhon has its entire loadout in its arms, severely limiting its zombie potential and reducing its survivability.

    Personal Experience
    I was having difficulty figuring out a build for my TBT-5J. I tried using the single missile slot for LRMs or an SRM6 but I disliked either. I also tried a PPC build, but I couldn't figure out an adequate balance between heat and firepower with those. I eventually came up with this laser build based on heavier laser boats and have since been having a blast with it. Though its not my favorite or best mech, it has still been exceptionally fun and effective for me. I do not yet have any screenshots or videos of the build dominating, but I may produce some soon.

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    Very interesting, Instead of 1 ML i remove a DHS and added a second one. In my opinion the ERLL is way too hot to use efficiently in close range fights, so I use 2xML 2xLL for close and ERLL+2xLL for long range combat. If you use them exclusively, both long range and short range firing disciplines have a 50% heat efficiency which is very easily managable. As long as you snipe from long range and don't get targetted too much by missiles you should be fine.

    I equip my weapons like this for personal reasons, but also because the 2 LLs are good at any range, and the ERLL+2xML gives both poke as close range combatting power, this gives each arm similar power. swapping an LL and an ML makes the right arm more important to preserve. If you torso twist well to the left, you will keep more firepower after inescapably losing at least 1 of your arms.

    Also I shift more armor forward as I usually spend much more time looking at the enemy even when running, and I remove a jumpjet which I usually only use for manouverability (jumpjetting and turning works very effective)
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    Welcome to the forum Alcom Isst! :)

    Interesting build you have here.
    (and nice presentation)

    And that's a big mistake, if you ask me.
    Just pray you don't meet me on the battlefield, I'm a dedicated legger and those 23 armor point per leg look terribly yummy!

    I'd personally remove the single ML (he kind of felt lonely anyway!) to add armor in the legs. And why not load 3 ERLL, 16 DHS can deal with the heat.

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