TBT-5J "Strong Arm" (1x LRM15, 2x ERLLas, 2x SMLas, 2x JJ, XL300)

Thread in 'TBT-5J' started by Excalibaard, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Something I randomly cooked up. I haven't been able to try it out myself besides theorycrafting, so feel free to give me some feedback.

    The main idea is that you mount two ERLLs on one end and a little back up on the other. Since you're running an XL you are probably dead before profiting from mounting weapons on different places on your mech (preventing them to be destroyed all at once), so you mount as much as possible on one side to expose yourself less while being able to fire all your firepower downrange.

    There are multiple ways this can be built.

    I think this is the main variant, 2xERLL and LRM15 on right side, 2 Small lasers on left against people who are close and annoying.
    You can build it cheaper with an XL280, no FF and half a ton more armor.

    Lefty variant, has the 2xERLL on the other end than the LRMs. Also sports one more SML for trading in some leg and shortrange arm armor (and filling up all hardpoints but AMS for OCD people running an asymmetrical build).
    This extra SML is one slot too much for the XL300/FF loadout, but you can remove a jumpjet for it if preferred.

    You can also swap 2 SML for 1 TAG or 1 ML, whatever you prefer. I took 2 SML for shorter burn duration than ML, and think TAG isn't necessarily worth it for only a single LRM15. Since the right arm has 3 energy hardpoints the single TAG/ML could be placed on the right arm, besides the LRM15. This means you don't need your left arm (behind cover all the time anyway and no weapons left) and you can put some armor into more heatsinks to nonstop fire the lasers.

    XL300/FF has no slots for an extra DHS, but gets more armor.

    I'm also not running AMS on any variant. Since you're expected to be behind allied mechs or other kinds of cover anyway it would be easy to dodge them.
    Lasers stay pretty accurate while jumpjetting I've noticed.

    I'm saving up to try it myself, if anyone else has reports please share :) Not sure how viable it is in a competitive scene, but should work out well enough in PUGs.

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  2. Excalibaard

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    New Variants!

    Tested it (300XL/FF main version) and it pretty much works like intended, even in unorganised PUGs.
    Might have a little much ammo (36 salvos), often had ~200 left at the end of a round. You can remove one ton and replace the SML with mediums if you want, or add another JJ with some armor. I think it might get a little hot with MLs. The XL280 variants have room left for additional DHS to fire your ERLLs nonstop.

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