Casual TBT-5J "Pokes 'n brawl" (1xMRM20, 2xLL, 3xML, 2xJJ, TC1, XL280) + alts (MRM10 or ammo)

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    While using TBT-5J "Banana Poke" (3xLL, 1xMRM20, 1xJJ, XL280) I've noticed how low that 3rd LL: most of the times I wasn't able to side poke and I actually had to hill poke or I had something in front of me, it was hitting the terrain...

    From my previous experience with TBT-5J "Everything is medium" (5xML, 1xMRM30, 3xJJ, XL300) + alts, I'm sure and I've tested that MRM duration and cooldown match up with ML duration and cooldown...

    So this is what I come up with, a quite hot combination of the previous builds which can both poke and brawl, with an MRM as the jolly joker for both laser combination.

    Don't forget the biggest feature of this variant are lasers amazing quirks: MRM is additional cool damage which is mostly usefull to disrupt your target's aim or focus and will sometimes come in handy to focus a big component (like a marauder side torso... You can't miss with all your MRM missiles if you flank it)

    This build needs to be managed correctly and mainly you have 4 weapon groups depending on situations:
    1. 2xLL only for medium to long range targets
    2. MRM20: for any range up to medium. Due to their low precision and being slow, they are best used as additional damage on big / slow foes and lose their efficiency the further away the enemy is (also due to AMS).
    3. All 3xML: for brawl / close range combat when hardpoint location doesn't matter
    4. Right arm lasers (2xLL + 1xML): for right side pokes on targets which are willing to push your position or are returning fire
    Alpha strike is hot, so use it only when you are cool. For the sake of comparison:
    • 2xLL, 1xMRM20, 3xML (alpha strike): 36% cooling efficiency
    • 2xLL, 1xMRM20 (mid range right side pokes): 52% cooling efficiency
    • 3xML, 1xMRM20 (brawl): 66% cooling efficiency
    • 2xLL, 1xMRM20, 1xML (mid to close range right side pokes): 45% cooling efficiency
    Please note that when I say "brawl" I simply mean brawl range: you shouldn't be hugging or actively moving to hug an enemy mech, unless you need to help a friendly brawler. If the enemy team is not focusing you, unleash everything you got during those free trades.
    About utilities:
    • TC1 is an universal laser range boost: with that your LL with full range skills will reach 550 meters optimal range, which is damn high considering LL heat.
    • 2xJJ will come in handy to disrupt your targets aim in case of brawl or to increase your mobility in urban environment.
    • MRM ammo is a bit low if you are trigger happy and always fire them: 1 ton of ammo with full skills means you can strike 20 times.

    ALTs: You can swap TC1 for additional 20 strikes (40 seems overkill) or a JJ for 10 strikes (30 strikes seems good for those matches when you mostly free trade), but a single JJ isn't really helpful for better maneuvering... Pick your poison.

    ALT with MRM10: a single MRM10 feels like a toy, but you gain speed (XL285 if you keep 1 ton of MRM ammo or XL295 and 0.5 ton of MRM ammo) and you can fit 3xLL for those meta side pokes... But as I stated at the beginning of this thread, that 3rd LL is too low most of the times.
    This variant offer better precision at range at the cost of low heat MRM damage and overall brawl capability, but has better speed (which translates in better range dictation / skirmish / poke capabilities)
    As always, pick your poison.


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