TBT-5J Laser Surgeon Jr. (2x LLas, 3x MLas, 1x JJ, AMS, XL300)

Thread in 'TBT-5J' started by DarkLobster, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. DarkLobster

    DarkLobster Well-Known Member


    *Edited based on comments in thread. Removed a DHS and 0.5 tons armour to add AMS.

    This build is similar to the "Laser Surgeon" Hunchback-4P build in principle (well, probably a lot of HBK builds, but that's the one I'm comparing it to), but obviously mounts fewer weapons. Perhaps that is a good thing; if you have more weapons, you're more tempted to use them in a pinch and shut yourself down.

    With the 300XL your speed is good, armour is near max, 18 DHS gives you pretty solid cooling efficiency, and a 33 point alpha is nothing to scoff at. The lone JJ gives you something the HBKs don't have. It's not gonna get you up any cliffs, but it does add a little extra maneuverability.

    Could you do it better on a HBK? Maybe, but it gives you something different to try on the TBT.

    Since the heat efficiency is pretty solid, you might prefer to mount ERLLasers instead of the regular ones. If you're not sold on the JJ, you can drop it along with 0.5 tons of armour and just squeeze in another DHS.

    Original build for reference:

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  2. hicsuget

    hicsuget New Member

    This is very similar to the build I settled on. I mastered the mech trees for 3 Treb variants, so a lot of trial and error went into picking this loadout. I tried 3 PPCs, 4 LLas, etc., but maximizing heat sinks seemed to be the optimum strategy.

    The only differences between my build and yours, are I lose the jump jet and 1/2 ton of armor from each leg in order to add an AMS + AMS ammo. (I never get legged, even with the reduced armor, so it was a worthwhile trade-off.)

    A typical game for me in my TBT-5J is 400+ damage, 1 kill, and 6 assists. A bad game is 200 damage, and I cracked 700 damage once in this mech. It's fast enough you can use it like people should be using their light mechs (but they never do), and it's tough enough you can use it like people should be using their Dragons (but once again, they never do).

    In summary, it's lots of fun to play, and highly effective.
  3. DarkLobster

    DarkLobster Well-Known Member

    Yeah, AMS is always good. That JJ is extra handy now though with the terrain changes.

    I'm reluctant to drop heat sinks from this build, but maybe losing one would be a decent compromise to fit both AMS and a JJ. Might give it a try.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Regina Redshift

    Regina Redshift Sass Elemental

    At 49% cooling efficiency, you can probably get away with dropping two DHS and getting AMS and a JJ. Especially with terrain mechanics being what they are.
  5. gorric

    gorric Junior Member

    I love this build. I ended up moving one LLas to the other arm for redundancy. I found I would quite often lose my LLas arm.
    I kill thing like crazy in this mech with this build. I can usually solo kill anything if I get caught on my own. Alpha strikes into heads tend to ruin most peoples match and is very easy to pull off if they are unwise enough to stand still.

    My favorite build on my current favorite variant.
  6. DarkLobster

    DarkLobster Well-Known Member

    Yeah, in the original build I had the lasers set up that way. I just changed it so I could fire either the LLasers or the MLasers together when poking round corners. The two groups do similar damage (18 vs 15). Either way works though.

    Interesting point about headshots. It's a perfect alpha for one-shot kills (within 270m) since the maximum health of a mech's head is 33 points (18 armour + 15 internal). I hadn't thought about that before.

    Glad you're enjoying the build!
  7. Dr.Gonzo

    Dr.Gonzo New Member

    I was not sure about the Trenchbuckets at first, but this one is real fun.

  8. dog_funtom

    dog_funtom Well-Known Member

    Here is my modification of this build.

    After 67 matches played I have w/l 1.09 and k/d 1.53 with it. It's still shredding enemies in the current meta. Additional JJ compensates for JJ nerf.

    Put Target Info Gathering module into this 'mech and you'll get 4-6 component destructions in every battle.
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