Casual TBT-5J "Banana Poke" (3xLL, 1xMRM20, 1xJJ, XL280)

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    Completely asymmetric build which fully exploits laser quirks (STD laser: -10% duration, -10% heat, +20% range), still manages to use missiles too (-5% heat, -15% cooldown) and tries to compensate for the major downsides of this mech: low hardpoints and huge unquirked/unprotected CT (you will die for CT, I almost never died for side torso loss). Simply right side poke all the time and you are good to go.

    Ammo count is a bit low (20 strikes with maxed ammo skills) so feel free to swap JJ for half ton of ammo. TBF due to MRM being quite slow, no velocity quirk and high spread at range, I think MRM is best used for those foes closing in rather than at range, so you shouldn't bother with MRM20 when firing at moving target above 400-500 meters, but that's your choice

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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