TBT-5J "All-Rounder" (2xLL, 1xSRM6, 2xML, XL320)

Thread in 'TBT-5J' started by Cyote, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Hey there, the Trebuchet was the first mech I bought on MWO and I have loved it ever since. A medium mech that runs fast, has jump-jets and has a good hard point layout. I would like to submit the following build:
    The All-Rounder:

    Dual Large lasers for long distance, dual Med lasers for close up work & a SRM6 for some close up punch. I am not a fantastic mech pilot but I have had many kills using this mech. I would like to see if you guys like the build too. If anyone tries it out with success I would love to see some video footage! :)
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