TBT-3C Sprinter (3x MLas, 2x SRM4, XL375)

Thread in 'TBT-3C' started by skribs, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I personally don't think a 375 XL is worth it in a Mech this size, but I figured I had to do something to differentiate it from my other Trebuchets, and since it can hold a 380 XL, I might as well use it. This is as fast as most lights pre-tweak, unless they max their engines. You can keep up with the light group and deal a respectable amount of damage. The only downside is that while you have the speed and firepower of a light, and more armor, you are also significantly easier to hit. This is fun, but I honestly prefer my 325 XL and jump jets on my 7M (which has otherwise the same build).

    Edit: Upgraded to 380 XL because someone pointed out it's the same weight as 375 XL.
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    You have loads and loads of slots unfilled. Adding FF will allow you another ton to play with. Also, you don't need THAT many DHS, you can take a couple off. Use the extra tonnage for AMS, SRM upgrade, and/or more MLas.