Casual TBR-C "Hot Gauss Buns" (1xcGauss, 4xcERLL, Clan-level-clench)

Thread in 'Timber Wolf Omni Builds' started by krevLL, May 24, 2021.

  1. krevLL

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    OH YEAH.

    All that tight. Clan. Ass clench!
    Really helps to keep that structure inside the mech as you pointedly ignore the klaxons and flashing lights bitching about millenial problems like "being too warm" and "self mutilation".

    Like, come on. Live a little. How do you expect to make anything of yourself if you live too afraid to overheat a highly explosive giant cannon bolted next to your cockpit? Which leads into another point;
    Alpha strike.
    You have four big-ass blue beams of hurt. Sure, one of them is a lot lower than the other three, and okay, the powers-that-be have decided using more than 2 at a time deserves punishment, but
    fuck. That. Shit. (Up. Literally, this build will ruin your mech's structure.)

    Mech combat is when you throw it down and smash until one of you is slag. Oh, and maybe keep distance if you can, you know.

    For such an amazing build, you're all welcome.

    And now, straight from Clan Command, THE APPROVED DECAL SCHEME FOR THIS BUILD


    Please pay special attention to locations and, in particular, which specific decals are used. This build MUST display the "ON FIRE" hazards in clearly visible locations front and rear for the safety of literally everyone else except yourself.
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  2. I think you need a heat sink more than leg armor.
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  3. ShooterMcGavin80

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    I like the cut of this build's jib. For those without the intestinal fortitude... a slightly lamer, only 3xERLL (but a JJ) version:

    Should be able to land repeatable alphas, even with the ghost heat. Is a repeatable 48 alpha sucky compared to a 58 ghost heat beast mode alpha? probably.

    And if you decidedly have no balls whatsoever, the lame conventional version:

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  4. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    This is the Krevviest thread in your history of hot spicy builds.

    My intestinal fortitude as Gavin eloquently puts it is not ready. I think I'll stick with 3ERLL until I'm manly enough.
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  5. krevLL

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    Y'all make me feel so special. I appreciate the fact that even Remover is pointing out the fact that a single extra DHS is worth more than the already-shaved legs.

    Gavin did eloquently phrase it, and I suppose I don't often consider the fact that running hell-hot builds is technically risky and could in fact require intestinal fortitude on the pilot's part. I mean, I just think of what my poor mechs' go through rather than what my poor pilot goes through.

    Theoretically (in literally a theoretical sense, AKA will die if attempted practically), you could drop it down to 3xHLL. Or combine Remover's idea of leg-shaving for an extra DHS only instead of a DHS add a ton of armor to an arm and throw the 4th HLL in there.

    Baard, I know I've done well if I'm being told this is my newest Power Level. We'll make a manly man out of you yet!
  6. krevLL

    krevLL Insane Fire Troll

    I mean, as far as I'm concerned a kill and 400+ damage in this is a great achievement. So success!

    With, uh... liberal usage of skill points in "Operations" and the various "Heat Gen" nodes this absolutely can alpha strike, even while moving! With no skills at all the alpha just barely overheats the mech.

    I'm gonna be honest here, this is f*cking awesome.
    For the most part if you aren't at 0 or minimal heat you're probably going to be firing 3 ERLLs at a time, and it's actually not unsustainable to do so.

    But when you just gotta blattity blam zap some shit there is a perverse pleasure in charging and firing the gauss, and then blasting all four beams right as the gauss round lands on target and watching your heat gauge reach the tippy top at orbital escape velocity.

    Probably something to do with not playing the game the way it was designed to be played.

  7. I think you might be better served with 3xERML and a ton than an ERLL.

    (Also, 3xERLL and 6xERML is fun with lot of heat sinks.)
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  8. krevLL

    krevLL Insane Fire Troll

    You're so right about that. It would be much better at dealing damage and not melting, so that's probably the most viable alt to run of this build~ When I've had my fill of suiciding (maybe never) I'll give that a go instead!

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