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Thread in 'Dragon' started by Sucitraf, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Sucitraf

    Sucitraf Well-Known Member

    So... I was screwing around with a buddy of mine who is leveling Catapults, and I got to wondering if stuffin NARC on my dragon would be worth our while. On first glance (and second and third) it seems to be horrible/wrong, but perhaps if I focus on more scouting/support it could work out?

    What are your guys thoughts? NARC is very heavy (and requires ammo), and I also think we'd need somewhere near 100kph to be useful at all. Whenever I mix around a build, it looks something like a watered down Kintaro, but I feel like there has to be something I can do.

    How much NARC ammo do you guys use generally? I've been fine with 2 tons usually, and if we do that, I may be able to throw something together.

    In a quick toss up, I got something like this:

    This is all in theory, so I just tossed in the biggest engine I could fit with all that. I could probably go bigger if I remove BAP, but for some reason I decided to add it (ECM counter maybe? don't know). If I pull it out, I can go XL350

    Not the greatest damage, but it's quick, well armored, and has tag+narc. Could it work? Or is it just a waste of a heavy chassis.

    Probably a waste, but I think I may give it a try to mix things up, and give me some variety as I level Dragons!
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  2. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    I think it worth a try.
    A narc does not weight that much for a heavy mech, as long as it's not using a short on tonnage build with massive weaponry. But I think in that case the narc should be thought about as a bonus, not a primary focus. Thus I don't see the point of the tag: your mech is not a spotter. Also, I think 1 ton of ammo should be enough (I use 2 tons on my light narcers because they do a lot of scouting, but only one on my kintaro that stays with the pack).

    I'd try something like this (or maybe with an XL325 if it's too hot, but I think it needs speed):

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  3. Lan

    Lan Mech Wrangler

    The dragon is more of a skirmisher and NARC's in combat rather then scouting IMHO. I've played a lot with NARC on many different mechs and the closest to a Dragon I did was a XL325 Quickdraw. Jump in, strike, NARC and run away to fight another day.

    1 ton or 2? Depends, start with 2 I'd say and work your way down. Possibly just one ton in the end and a BAP. Having a BAP is solid for supporting the team (increased sensor range, ECM counter, target data speedup, detectng shutdown mechs) but also makes sure that you can nullify one ECM source that is close and get that support in a brawl.
  4. Sucitraf

    Sucitraf Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice. I'll probably try something like this out when I get a chance! As for tag, that may be from my spider spotting habits.

    I'll see how it goes, and possibly post a build or two that works enough.
  5. Regina Redshift

    Regina Redshift Sass Elemental

    The big problem I see with NARC on a Dragon is that the terrain best suited to protect the Dragon will also protect its target from LRMs.

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