St. Ives Blue "Rhinestone Cowboy" (2x LLas, 1x LRM15, 1xJJ, XL250)

Thread in 'St. Ives' Blues' started by Durandal, Aug 19, 2014.

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    This could easily be done with ERLLas as well, but it'll run hot if you do that. I made a NARC/SRM build, so what about a partner mech to go with it? This guy can deliver a nice long range hit with those LRMs, but the lasers are there as backups to finish the job once ammo gets thin, or a mech finds its way into close range. You could lose a ton of ammo to add in an MLas as well, your choice.

    Variant build, uses 2 LPLs and an LRM 10 instead, so the lasers are punchier but you lose LRM potential and ammo:

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    I recently picked up the St. Ives' Blue and with the new quirks in place I've found some success with a modification of your first build. I still go with 2 LL and with the laser duration at -25% they fire like ML, but with LL range and dmg. Then instead of the LRM 15 I go with 1x LRM5 and 1xLRM10 plus TAG, this gives a tighter missile spread than the LRM 15 and the TAG aides that even more. This leaves room for 2 tons of LRM ammo, one JJ, the XL250, and one extra double heatsink. Try to get your LRM targets under 600m and better yet TAG them and you'll be able to nail them with the LL too. It's been working well for me lately.

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