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Thread in 'Marauder II' started by Heretek, Nov 7, 2019.

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    This thing feels like it's less durable than the regular Marauders. Even with what most consider the best variant, the 4HP, there have been numerous occasions where I lose arms, legs and torsos in seconds. This is bizarre to me, even my Nightstar lasts longer than this. And, of course, the head, is an easier target than on other mechs. It goes as slow as other Assaults, but it doesn't seem to last as long as or hit as hard as others.
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    I don't own any MAD-II, but as far as I've seen 4HP is the only variant without any HP quirk at all, while the other variant features (at least) a +23 CT structure boost and a +16 Side Torso structure boost, which are identical to Marauder-3R (75 ton) quirks.
    Also, keep in mind that the heavier the mech is, the smaller the HP boost will be when skilling into survivability tree compared to lighter mechs.

    About firepower, the lack of hardpoints and possibly of firepower is one of the few things that are keeping me away from buying MAD-II: the 75 ton mech uses the best speed/ton ratio standard engines (anything above 300 become heavier and heavier for each +5 engine rating, sometimes even with a 1.5 ton step) plus it has enough hardpoints to fit plenty of the most efficient damage/ton weapons in the game: Medium Lasers...

    MAD-II has to fit LL (5 tons instead of 1) while gaining a mere +10 damage (which are equivalent to 2 ML)... So yes, 75 ton marauders aren't that far compared to 100 ton marauders and that's probably why Marauders II feels underwhelming... They get a lot of weight without getting either speed or firepower.

    EDIT: TL;DR version, survivability compared to classic 75 ton marauder is similar but they still feature similar weaponry (MAD-II sometimes is even inferior, i.e. 3xRAC2 or 3xAC5 on right side torso marauder) so that's why it feels underwhelming despite the additional 25 tons.
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    Carlo is right, but.... if you play it right...[​IMG]
    608 armor, the rest was structure. This was a stock Alpha with XL. Just lucky I guess.

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