Casual SNV-B - "The Walking Heatsink"(2xcHLL, 4xcHML, 2xcERML, cXL325, 1xcTC1) + Alt

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    This is the only SNV-B build that was efficient for long, long to mid and short ranges. It has a nice 90 damage alpha, which you can use once in an emergency situation. However, to maximize the damage output and avoid ghost heat, you need to have two weapons group; one group is 2xHLL and 2xML and second one is 4xHML. To avoid ghost heat, fire the second weapon group about 0.5 seconds after the firing the first weapon group. Your heat should rise to about 60%(with operations skills as linked below), then you can do this weapon combo once more, and at the end, you have some spare heat to chain fire ERML's or HML's. If you do everything right, you can outpout ~ 200dmg in short time.

    Also, use first weapon group for long to mid range combat, it is after all 50 damage across 400 - 500m range(over 800m it's just waste of heat). Definently useful if you can focus it in one spot. The second weapon group comes in to the play whenever your enemies are closer than that(0<[(~450m - ~500m)]. Use it in combo with the first weapon group. Heat is your resource. With skill tree as listed below and TC1, the ranges of lasers are: 321m for cHML's, 535m for cHLL's, and 475m for cERML's. The mech dishes out 90 pinpoint alpha over 300m, and deals 50+ damage over 500m in a click.
    Alpha only when you have to(the heat will be @ 80%-90% with skills). You can alpha without shutdown, and the mech would have spare heat to dish out some chainfire ERML/HML volley, but at the end of the day it is not a DPS build, and you don't have DPS to do that much brawling in that given moment. Alpha then back up, or do the weapon group combo twice when it's brawling time and you will have the upper hand.

    The only problem is the leg armor, which goes away when you skill up your mech (or trade a heatsink or TC1 for more leg armor). My skill points went to 49 Firepower, 22 Survival, and 20 operations. Coolshot is optional, but in my opinion if you're situationaly aware player, it's a waste of points.

    Here is the skill tree: Operations

    You could trade in a heatsink/TC1 for more leg armor, or TC1 for one more heatsink. Jumpjets on this build are obsolete, for the laser duration is just too long to use the mech as a poptart. You have the short range covered, you have the mid and long range covered. The mech is on any map cool as a cucumber. Brawl or "snipe", just focus your damage to a single component. The mech "one shots" lights, severly damages mediums and scares off the heavies and assaults.

    When you are targeted and under enemy fire, TWIST! This chassis suffers from same issues as Warhawks, Direwolfs, Stalkers, Catapults...
    Getting cored is rarely the case if you twist (respectable 126 front CT armor with skills).
    Don't worry about the arms(75 armor with quirks and skills) , worry about precious ST's(81 armor witk skills). It's just 6 armor difference, but ST hitboxes are far bigger than arm hitboxes.
    If you lose one ST/arm, the mech still outputs 52 damage, and you can alpha all day long with 2xcERML, 2xcHML and 1XcHLL so you're still in the game.

    In my opinion, this build is one tiny bit more usable than 2xHLL + 6xHML SNV-1, heatwise and rangewise.

    Here is the build:
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    wow, SHS :D

    Seems like a very effective build, I like the combination of ranged HLL+ERML and close range HML, easy to avoid ghost heat like that too.

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