SNV-3 "Pentapoint" (5xcERLL, TC6, cAP, STD300)

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    Starting from the Sept-ultura, I hoped to make it more viable. After encountering metaplayers in FP with 5ERLL warhawks, this is my adaptation of that build for the SNV chassis. I run a standard engine because the SNV has decently big side torsos to shield with, when the dead side goes down you won't lose your engine heatsinks, and this build has 3/5 lasers in the CT making it a great zombie as a reward for torso twisting well. The TC6 (combined with a cAP) gives a great crit and range boost, as well as very fast target info!

    Play it like any ERLL boat: 2 groups on chainfire. This also makes it much easier to pilot than the 7-laser version, as 3 groups at least were necessary for that build. The third group for just the headlaser is optional here.
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