SNV-1 "Stock 2.0" (6xcERLL, TC1, 1xJJ, cXL315)

Thread in 'SNV-1' started by Bad Dragon, May 29, 2017.

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    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted, but then again there aren't a lot of posted builds for the Supernova here. :eek:

    Pretty simple, just an upgraded version of the stock loadout that improves it in every way except for increased firepower and jumping capabilities. You can't really brawl well in it, but you can deal a lot of damage with your lasers and force enemies back into cover. I haven't unlocked many skills yet, but I would suggest all of the laser duration skills so that you can cut down the burn time by 15%.

    I have my weapon groups setup to chainfire by default, allowing for me to fires 8 lasers before overheating, but that's without any cool run or heat containment skills unlocked.
    Group 1 - chainfire 3 Left Arm lasers
    Group 2 - chainfire Right Arm lazors

    Those are really the only groups needed since you can double click to fire a second or third laser in an arm.

    I have performed pretty well in it so far, even managed to score 1k on HPG!
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    Y'know with the skill tree out I figure it'd be a good idea to post a link to your skill tree alongside the smurfy link. This is my plan for my SNV-1 skills.

    • Firepower - I wanted to the shortest way to Beam Duration since cERLarges take so long, plus it lets moves chainfiring along faster.
    • Armor Structure - At first I was going to take everything except for AMS nodes and 1 Reinforced Casing, but that left me without the skills I wanted elsewhere. As an Assault that must expose itself to fire and requires a lot of facetime it needs armor/structure, but I don't think I need to go all in with it being a sniper.
    • Agility - I wanted to get some of the Acceleration/Deceleration nodes to get get in to fire, then get back to cool down faster.
    • Jumpjets - While this isn't needed, I wanted to get more out of my single JJ with a little more lift time and slightly faster speed.
    • Operations - I may remove all skills from here, but I want to try out having a couple Cool Runs and 3 Heat Containment, the pair of Improved Gyros is helpful against incoming fire too, I <3 that node.
    • Sensors - I wanted to get all of the Radar Deprivation since this mech is pretty wide and LRMs have been pretty painful to deal with. Seismic Sensor is pretty good to have on a sniper/LRM mech imo, Advanced Zoom is a bonus.
    • Misc - I get an arty strike with my coolshot yo.
    Next time I'm gonna post my skill tree/explanations inside the post itself, but decided to leave it as a separate post this time.
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