Casual SMN-Prime "Dominus" (1xcLBX20, 1xcERPPC)

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Thread in 'Summoner Omni Builds' started by krevLL, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. krevLL

    krevLL Insane Fire Troll

    Not gonna lie, I bought a Summoner purely because it's Spheroid designation is Thor, and my dog's name is Thor. Had no expectations of it, since I didn't want to play the 2xERPPC meta. Then I tried this so that I didn't have to buy omnipods, and it just works.

    Set-of-8 rundown, so you know why I like this loadout.
    Clan ER PPC Cooldown −5%
    Clan ER PPC Velocity +15%
    Energy Weapon Cooldown −10%
    Energy Weapon Heat Generation −15%
    Ballistic Weapon Cooldown −20%
    LB-X AC Spread −10%
    LB-X AC Velocity +30%
    LRM Spread −10%
    Missile Weapon Cooldown −10%
    Missile Weapon Velocity +5%
    SRM Spread −10%
    Torso Yaw Angle +20
    Base Structure (CT) +11
    Base Structure (LA) +11
    Base Structure (LL) +15
    Base Structure (RA) +11
    Base Structure (RL) +15

    It isn't meant to pump out obscene damage, more poking and harassing and poptarting until armor's gone and then swooping in and mopping up.

  2. Dagonus

    Dagonus Moderator Staff Member

    My concern is that with everything arm mounted, you're destined to be a Zombie.

    Less weapon freedom, but you gain a dead side and a ton of ammo.
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  3. krevLL

    krevLL Insane Fire Troll

    Indeed a valid alternative that gives you deadside. I have run into more than a few matches where I lose both arms and am entirely useless from that point on. The extra ton of ammo is also nice to have, gives a bit more longevity to the crit damage you can deal.

    Whether you run this or not comes down to ammo, deadside and if you desperately want to keep the set bonuses for the loadout.
  4. Major Moxy

    Major Moxy New Member

    big gun big fun
  5. Morkeleb

    Morkeleb New Member

    The Summoner is my go to 'Mech for just about any scenario, and I admit that nostalgia from MechWarrior 3 is the primary driving force. I usually run a missile boat variant, but I've experienced the zombieness frequently no matter the build. A "solution" to that is that I typically ensure I'm carrying a laser AMS so that even with both limbs gone, I can at least provide some protection while interposing the remains of my armor between the enemies and my team.
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  6. ShooterMcGavin80

    ShooterMcGavin80 Advanced Member

    Here's another option to get everything mounted nice and high and in the torsos:

    This selection of omnipods gives you:
    20% Ballistic Cooldown
    20% UAC Jam Chance
    5% ERPPC Velocity
    +10 Torso Yaw angle
    (and some structure buffs)
    (doesn't matter what base CT you build it off)

    The LB20X does give you the nice instant damage, but that low arm hardpoint is hard to work with.

    Chironex is a fun mech to do the LB20X/ERPPC pop tart combo:

    I bet the Vapor Eagle can probably do it pretty well too:
  7. Sgraz

    Sgraz New Member

    I just love how this build works on a stock build without switching any omnipods.

    All the quirks just makes this mech great.

    I kinda miss that extra speed quirk on Summoners. Especially now when Vapor Eagle has its special jumping quirks.

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